Malta: Speech at a Muslim’s Convention


By Bryan Corlett, FFWPU Malta

I was invited to give a speech at the Malta Ahmadiyya Muslim’s Convention, at the Waterfront Hotel in Gzira, on the 10th of December under the banner of UPF/FFWPU Malta.

Other speakers were a Member of Parliament and a Councilor from the Local Government Office.

We have attended a number of their Conventions and public meetings in the past and they also participated in our Peace Road activity, but this was the first time we were asked to speak in their program.

Firstly, I would like to thank Mr Atif and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to allow me to speak

at your convention today, this openness to embrace people of other faiths is surely coming from God and if we are to solve the problems of the world, there needs to be more of these interfaith forums.

My name is Bryan Corlett, I am the Director of the Unification Movement in Malta, which includes:

the Universal Peace Federation which works in the Political field educating politicians towards Good Governance and to have the heart of a parent towards their nation. This week we are holding a conference in the Lebanese Parliament.

The Women’s Federation for World Peace, guiding women to use their unique gifts to serve their community and bring harmony in the family and to bring God’s feminine love into the world.

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification that works in the field of Interfaith and character education.

We were founded by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon from Korea, who was inspired by God to work for the unity of Religions and world peace. His teaching is the Divine Principle. Five years ago, he passed away and now his wife, Mrs Hak Ja Han Moon leads the movement.

My wife is Maltese and I am from New Zealand and we have four daughters.

In this life we have to wear many hats, the religious hat, the political hat, the business hat, but I think the hat that is most important is the hat of the parent, as the parent’s life is very similar to God, as God is the parent of all of us and loves us all.

Parents are the channel of God’s love in this world to our children, it is a healing love, unconditional love, a visionary love that tries to guide our children to better themselves.

Our families are the school of Love, it is where we first learn to receive love from our parents, learn to love our parents and our siblings in preparation for us to become parents ourselves.

Within the family we should learn tolerance, compassion, charity, forgiveness, humility, which are all aspects of LOVE.

In the family our worldview is formed, our prejudices and opinions are established in our minds and hearts, as we hear our Parents and Grandparents speak about the world they live in and watch the way that they treat others.

In the family we learn to communicate our feelings and ideas, it is there where we gain confidence in ourselves, so we can go out into the world.

The essence of God is both male and female, as that is how he created his children, we resemble God our Heavenly Parent.

God also has emotion, because we have emotion, as he created that emotion in us. Just like any parent, God also wants to see his children live in peace and harmony and with laughter.

When children fight in the family, the parents are not happy. Also, our Heavenly Parent does not want to see his children fighting. Our Heavenly Parent is crying as he sees his children suffer, Our Heavenly parent feels our pain!

Parents sacrifice themselves for their children, trying to do the best for them and to help them mature and gain an education.

God also wants the best for us, God is a being that lives for the sake of others, we also should live a life of service to others, because it is there that we will find our true selves, build friendships and develop our character.

In this world of turmoil, a lot of the present conflict is between Religions and the emotion that leads to that conflict, seems to be stirred up easily.

There needs to be more investment in the work of interfaith, to bring people who believe in God together.

We are today doing just that, we need to work more together, to set an example. We need to look at what unites us, rather than what divides us.

We believe in One True God, we believe in True Love, we believe in True Family, we believe in True Peace, so let’s break down the walls that divide us, let us communicate with our hearts towards each other, let us be kind and respectful towards each other, let us be polite in all our undertakings, let us always say “Please” and “Thank you!”

Let us Live for the Sake of Others and not be selfish, nor self-centered.

A reading from the Koran 13.11

” God changes not what is in a people, until they change what is in themselves”.

So, if we want to change the world, first we have to change ourselves!

So, let us work together in the future, let us build good families, let us serve each other with the same love that God serves us. Let us strengthen our Faith and trust that God is working with us and through us, to build a World of Peace and Love! Let us be the instigators of change in the world, by changing OUR world, as the Koran says.

Let us become True Grandparents, True Parents, True Husbands and Wives, True Sons and Daughters and bring happiness to the heart of our Heavenly Parent.

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