Kenya: Hyojeong HARP Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Kenya

A 4-day retreat for HARP Kenya, organized by UPA cadet Cho Soo-young, which was held at the Sasamoto center in Nairobi, Kenya from December 20 to 23, 2017. The event, entitled “Second Advent Jesus Christ, Messiah, My True Parents”. And we had around 40 second generation participants who are high school students. Some of them have to travel 10 hours across Kenya by bus to get to the center.

The lectures concentrated on “The True Parents are my parents, knowing the life they sacrificed for me, and understanding that I also have to live a life for True Parents”. Through the lectures we tried to help the participants to understand what is our relationship with True Parents, to see what kind painful path they have been walking, and what is my responsibility at this time while True Mother is leading the Cheon Il Guk providence on earth.

We also had time for the participants to express and offer their gratitude, by singing a song dedicated to True Parents.

During 4 days of training, we as the second generations, had a chance to talk about True Parents and help others to understand them. Thanks to the sacrifice and victory of True Parents, we can see hope in Kenyan second generation as the future leaders.

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  1. Very good topic to understand and love True Parents. Wish you a wonderful year 2018, too.

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