Italy: Winter Workshop 2017


by Elena Chirulli, CARP

From 8 to 10 December, Italian Carp national meeting took place in Rome (Colle Mattia) with the motto “To see a world in a grain of sand”. We had 22 participants (over 18), coming from the north and south of Italy. Among the members also three young guests. The songs, a welcoming message from the national leader Giuseppe Calì and a presentation of the Carp by Elena Chirulli were the setting for the opening night, which was followed by moments of icebreaking.

The next morning began with a moment of stretching guided by Gukson Capone. Then there was the morning reading (hoon dok hae) of some speeches by Rev. Moon together with the participants. After breakfast, the young people were able to listen to the lesson prepared by Elena Chirulli entitled “Training Life – train oneself to make your life a masterpiece”. The topic highlighted the importance of growth, the education of one’s inner self and character.

Then followed two activities combined with the lesson, including guide questions that allowed participants to interact, exchange opinions and know each other more. Later followed the lesson offered by Roberto Preciutti entitled “True happiness” that touched on the theme of the fall of man by connecting to the well-being seen from the philosophical point of view of Epicurus and Aristotle. Stressing that happiness should not be sought far away but above all in one’s daily life, the lesson helped to better understand how it resides even in small things. Gukson led the sports activities that took place outdoors and involved all the members. Then there was also a football match for the boys. The afternoon was thick and rich. In fact, there was also a moment of meditation conducted by Francesco D’Alessio, a guest who helped us to understand more the benefits of relaxation and harmony between mind and body. Later Elena led the Sharing Smile, with group games and moments in company.

During the evening there was the vision of the film “The Illusionist”, which gave the opportunity to deepen more the theme of life, love and death, paying attention to the thin border between reality and magic. On 10th December, after the morning reading of another speech of our founder and the breakfast, we could listen to the lesson entitled “The culture of the heart” prepared by Betty Calì. The theme talked about a more empathetic approach to the value of giving and receiving, underlining also the dynamic subject and object in the various relationships. After the break was given to the youth people the chance to write the reflections on the workshop.

Then there were some songs in preparation for the final prayer and the new year coming. We concluded with a prayer together with all the participants, followed by three mansei and a final applause. The group photo crowned the event that ended with the lunch together. A heartfelt thanks to the Calì family, to Cristina Arcadi for the photographic reportage and to all those who, with their presence, have contributed to make this course truly special and unique.

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