Italy: Blessing and Relationships

Prepared by FFWPU Italy

On Sunday, November 26th, at Bergamo church center, Italian Blessed Family Department held a one-day workshop dedicated to young couples, under the name of “Blessing and relationships”. The morning program was rather rich, covering different topics. There were twelve participants.

The MC, Verena Hoffmann, invited Franz Kerschbaummayr to start the day. Franz talked about how to meet success in one’s lifetime, focussing on how life is a road paved with commitments and difficulties, but they are needed in order to become successful. He also mentioned we need to show and be passionate about what we do in our life.

Next, Verena conducted an ice-breaking game, du- ring which each participant had to introduce their spouse and talk about a special quality or a talent of theirs. After that, Giuseppe Calì offered his sermon about conjugal relationship, its different aspects, some of them vertical, some of them horizontal, which need to be balanced in order for the relation- ship to work well.

At this point, the participants had a break and some refreshments were served.

Upon restarting, Agostino Rossi shared a lecture on absolute sexual integrity as taught by True Father, casting no shadow as the sun at high noon. He explained shortly what original sexuality is and what had fallen sexuality become. After- wards, Agostino assessed the issue of pornogra- phy, its open accessibility, fast  diffusion  and harm especially for younger generations. Agosti- no talked about some groups that are fighting pornography and possible strategies to do so.

He concluded his speech mentioning about the work of Belgian sexologist Thérèse Hargot.

Patrizia Olivero intervened, showing an interesting video about marriage and family, talking about “the different seasons” a wedding goes through, and eventually introducing the “Marriage Cour- se” project.

It was now time for lunch, after which there was some free time to relax and to prepare internally for the afternoon session. This session included a discussion moderated by Enzo De Concilio, begun and interspersed with reading some True Parents talks. The topics covered by the discus- sion, in which a concrete participation of the youngest participants was shown, were centring upon couple’s life, love, but also public responsibility and mission. In the end, somebody laun- ched the idea to plan a blessed couples’ retreat.

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