Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Festivals in Congo Brazzaville

by Achille MOUANDA, FFWPU Congo

1. Our Heavenly Tribal Messiah team with 4 blessed families is working in different part of our nation to educate and bless people. This initiative has received support from Rev. Norbert Ndielle Moutsatsi, president of FFWPU Congo that has not hesitate to join US on the ground, especially in Madingou and Kihoungou Village. He officiated the blessing ceremony. A chief customary, Mr Michel Kouanzi who accepted to accommodate the event. He said: As a 63 years old man, I don’t have anything else to serve God, and this is my offering. In Madingou we had 8 couples and in Kihoungou village also 8 couples who received blessing this time, all together they were 16 couples.

2. On November 9 to13, 2017, we held a festival blessing took place to Madingou in the Department of Bouenza. This work is the result of 5 families. The delegation met the Director of the Prefect office. During this descent, 82 couples have been blessed with 23 couples at Madingou post and 57 couples to Madingou station. In the same period at Madingou, the National leader taught the Divine Principle, the meaning and the value of the blessing to pastors and presidents couples of the Pentecostal Church. Both received the blessing. the National Leader give them the Divine Principle book.

3. A blessing ceremony was held in Boulankio village which is the resident of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom Téké, the King MAKOKO. 13 couples received blessing and after their 40-day separation period when they came to hear about the 3-day ceremony, we had another blessing event for 4 couples as well. Thanks to the Prime Minister of the King, families blessed won this Kingdom. Totaling 17 couples blessed in this Kingdom.

4. After 40 couples receive blessing in Fouta village, one of our blessed family (Zoie family) are holding special hoon dok hwe every week to teach Divine Principle to the newly blessed couples and other members of their tribe.

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  1. Kasongo Yannick says:

    Merci pour les nouvelles et courage pour le soutien de la Providence.

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