Ghana: Character Education in Refugee Camp

by Marthe Whyte, WFWP Ghana

On December 20, 2017, seven members of WFWP Ghana visited the Ampain Refugee Camp in the Western Region of Ghana. We organized two programs at the camp on that same day.

Ampain Refugee camp is the biggest refugee camp in Ghana established in March 2011 by the, after the post electoral violence in the Cote d’ Ivoire, our neighboring country.

First of all, in the morning of that day, we organized a Christmas party with the refugee children. We rewarded eighteen deserving Primary pupils from the camp primary school. Each pupil received a bag containing stationaries such as exercise books, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners and color pencils.

More than 400 children were present at the celebration with few parents. We entertained them with Christmas Chorales videos and during the program some children presented poetry recitals, songs and choreographies. The children mostly spoke and sang about the poor living condition of refugee children and parents. Their performances were really touching and heart breaking.

The Christmas celebration was done in the presence of staff of the UNHCR; that is the manager of the activities in the zone as well as the head of the Social welfare within the camp. They both gave remarks and also recommended WFWPs initiative in the Refugee Camp of Ampain.

At the end we distributed snacks to all the children present at the party and few group pictures where taken with the prizes recipients. All the snacks were sponsored by WFWP Ghana.

In the afternoon of the same day, after the children party, WF organized a conference with the women and the youth of the camp. More than 120 people including our WFWP members attended the conference.

WFWP Ghana President, Mrs. Marthe Whyte spoke on the theme, the family is the school of love and peace and she was assisted by WFWP Ghana’s secretary, Mrs. Viviane Nkasia. She continued to educate the audience on the danger of HIV/AIDS and the sexually transmitted diseases. We used a power point presentation in the second session of conference.

She concluded her presentation by advising the youth to abstain from premarital sex and also encouraged married couples to be faithful to their partners.

After our presentation, some participants ask few questions and some expressed their gratitude for the education they received; especially concerning the risk factor in the usage of condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS.

Then come the time of donation, and we presented three big bags of used clothes to the women of the camp through a representative of REFERI, an NGO of women in the camp.

The women present at the conference expressed their joy and happiness about our visit and donation and the Christmas party for their children. Three refugees’ ladies entertained the audience with an amazing choreography performance.

We took few group pictures and later in the afternoon our team left Ampain Refugee camp for Accra and Elubo.

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