Italy: UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

By Gabriella Mieli, WFWP Italy (November 25, 2017)

Maria Gabriella Mieli, Vice President WFWP Italy and President of the local chapter signed an agreement of partnership with the new association U.D.I.RE (Men and women network against any kind of violence) and started to prepare events for the International day for the Elimination of Violence against women.

We started with a TV interview – channel Primantenna on last October 2o whose topics where: different forms of violence and victims; social attitude to focus on just one gender violence; underline common factors of the phenomena to listen to everybody giving them same rights and enter deeply in details of different situations; what to do and how to act (Violence vs. reconciliation and peace); multidisciplinary acts (i.e. legal, psychological, motivational etc) in partnership with experts and other associations. WFWP was the only person who spoke about peace and education to contrast violence, including the need to solve conflicts cooperating together women and men on sharing goals for a lasting peace.

On October 21st we inaugurated U.D.I.RE with the agreement among different associations. Lawyers, teachers and psychologists spoke about different case histories about violence at home, at school, in public places, on the street. Again WFWP spoke about its mission and vision showing Father and Mother moon’s way of life, the importance of a right attitude including the availability to listen to people around us and working together forgiving, reconciling and harmonizing the environment. Among the speakers Hon. Eleonora Bechis, member of IAPP Italy, together with other Parliamentarians and councilors of Turin Municipality and Piedmont Region. Mrs. Mieli presented the Peace Road project inviting people to participate with the proper attitude so that all the streets of the world can be tretts pf peace.

The final event related to the UN international day for the Elimination of Violence against women was organized exactly on November 25th. Among the speakers Hon. Eleonora Bechis, other political representatives, local institutions and experts about the topic. After listening to many cases of violence, Mrs. Mieli, on behalf of WFWP spoke about the roots and meaning of the UN Intl. Day for the elimination of Violence against women focusing about the importance of education starting in the family and at school, focusing on the guidelines of Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) about “Education to the Respect: for gender equality, prevention of gender violence and all forms of discrimination”. Mrs Mieli spoke about WFWP dignity Campaign ending her speech with a Shakespeare’s poem inviting men to stand up in front of a woman.

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