DR Congo: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and Blessing Festival

by Paulin Lukali Lumbete, FFWPU DR Congo

We held interfaith blessings for peace, during the period from November 25 to December 3, 2017 in different locations.

Atelier le Palmier Ongd mobilized and blessed 180 couples in the villages of Mani and Nzundu-Kiduma in Kongo Central, as well as in Mount NGAFULA commune in Kinshasa.

Participants spoke very positive about the program and the blessing they have received from True Parents. They voluntarily agreed to respect all the processes of the blessing, an become a true blessed family.

The Divine Principle lectures they have received, motivated them to accept the blessing. This time, our lecturer spoke about the principle of the Creation, the human fall and the restoration period.

We will continue the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship mobilization to bless all our people.

the blessing of 180 couples by Atelier le Palmier Ongd opened the way for the second Victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiah, the IGILIMA ITULAMYA Jean Family who has just finished giving blessing to 430 couples as of December 3, 2017.

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