DR Congo: Divine Principle Seminar for the Christian Pastors


by Jean Tchibanda, FFWPU DR Congo

On December 16th, 2017, a Divine Principle seminar for the Christian pastors was held at the Assemblees Chreriennes Famille Intercede in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The flames of the evangelization of the Christian pastors are spreading in our country. The Christian pastors who have already received the Blessing are bringing their new guests through the Congolese International Association of Christian Pastors.

This seminar hosted 53 new Christian ministers who had the precious opportunity to listen to the Divine Principle and be reborn.

The seminar included twelve lectures from both first and second part of the Principle. Despite the fact that the lectures started early in the morning and ended after 7 p.m. all the participants listened to the content with great sincerity and interest.

There were ministers who arrived the day before the seminar started showing thus how passionate and exciting this seminar was fir them.  Especially we could see pastors who were shocked by the lectures on the purpose of the Messiah and the Second Advent but also pastors who could not hide their surprise as the lectures of the second part of the Principle unfolded unraveled truths of the Bible. There have been also many pastors who went verifying the content one by one in the Bible. This was the day when the Christian pastors fell deeply in the mysterious world of the Principle.

The lectures were presented by the UPA cadet JungHyun Park with the translation of Nzola M. Sire-Albert. . Mr Park is one of two young UPA missionaries sent to the DR Congo in March, and since his arrival he has given himself in witnessing of Christian religious leaders and organized 7-day seminar twice with them.

We sincerely hope that the wave of Christian pastors’ evangelization started in Africa will spread all around the world

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