Dominican Republic: Youth Leaders’ Camp


by Jake Lavina, CARP Dominican Republic

CARP Dominican Republic conducted Youth Leader’s Camp at la Finca, From December 9 to 10, 2017, led by Jake Laviña President of CARP and Youth Especial Envoy to our country. This camp participated by selected 26 young new members of CARP with the theme; “Embodying the Principle, Leading the Change.”

This workshop is exclusive only for those who finished the Divine Principle Lecture and want to involve themselves more in all Carp activities in the near future. The purpose of this program is to raise new Fulltime members next year by learning the tradition and embodying the Principle in their daily living. Everyone is excited to be part of the future activities and programs of CARP.

The program includes the True Parents’ Life Course given by Lic. Bernardo Cruz, True Parents Tradition, Team Building, Unity Games, Acting Presentation, Bon Fire, and setting a new determination for next year. This program brings hope to everybody as we about to close this year. We are expecting that the numbers of Fulltime will be bigger as we open we open the year 2018 with full of hope and determination to accomplish God and True Parents wish.

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