Colombia: Blessed Family Seminar


By Alejandro Fayad Betancourt, FFWPU Colombia

We had 3-day seminar for couples and adult members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, under the title “Strengthening our Tribal Messiah Mission” from December 8 to 10, 2017.

We had 90 participants from all around the country and we had the collaboration of Rev. Ricardo de Sena, who was entrusted with enriching all the attendees with the Divine Principle lectures.

The participating members studied the lectures through lectures and reading the Divine Principle, allowing us to know, reinforce or remember many concepts learned during our life of faith, sharing through various activities such as karaoke, music and sports.

Many participants in the seminary agreed that returning to study the Divine Principle has renewed their spirit and strengthened their faith for the development of their mission as Tribal Messiah.

The seminar will allow participating members to have greater determination in their mission as Tribal Messiah for the success of Vision 2020 driven by our True Mother.

Colombia will continue its effort to support the work and the fulfillment of the dream of Janul Pumonim and True Parents.

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