Brazil: Training Future leaders


Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

Grow Group – Santo Amaro´s Church

Following True Mothers words about training the youth to become future leaders of Cheon Il Guk the Grow Group was founded in 2017 as a development academy for the youth focused on developing behavioral and leadership skills with the purpose of strengthen the pipeline of future leaders for the internal and external world.

The Grow Group is being led by Iongju Almeida – an oldest second generation and a Human Resources regional leader responsible for a premium global leadership academy in a multinational company rated as AAA.

During this year 2017 the Grow Group members had passed through many challenges and activities like, testimony, lectures of the Divine Principle, donation campaign focused on raising non-perishable food, Hope Home Group, etc. And the last challenge was to give a Sunday service. Three of our Grow Group members last Sunday had led our Sunday service with the theme “The Legacy with the consequence of our living” the members emphasized about how our attitudes affect our image. The question they left as a reflection is: “And us? How are we going to be remembered?”

We are grateful for our True Parents that left a great gift for us: The Legacy. As True Parents representatives we will follow your will and become future Leaders, and become a great impact to world and testify!

Home Groups of Santo Amaro – Christmas Dinner

Pastor Inowan Almeida the only second generation on the front line as the Pastor of Santo Amaro´s Church that is the biggest church with members and blessed families in Brazil. He had the initiative to unite all members, blessed families and Home Groups for an anticipated Christmas confraternization. Beside the Christmas dinner each Home group had the opportunity to perform a small presentation. This was a great opportunity for all the families to have time together in unity and celebrate the success of the results of this year 2017 (testimony, oikos, one-o-one lectures etc), we are grateful for all the members that have been part of this event.

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