Brazil: Inauguration of IAPP


Prepared by UPF Brazil

On November 23rd, the IAPP launching ceremony took place at the Nereu Ramos Auditorium of the Chamber of Deputies, with the presence of Rev. Sang Seuk Kim, Rev. Dong Mo Shin and Rev. Kwon.

The panel was composed by the congressman Nelson Marquezelli, president of the session, who was the proponent of the event through the leadership of his political party, congressman Celso Russomano, Delegate Rosemary Correa, Rev. Sang Seuk Kim (Latin American Regional President), Rev. Dong Mo Shin (UPF leader in South America) and Dr. Simão Ferabolli (UPF President in Brazil and General Secretary in South America).

Pr. Inowan Almeida was emcee. Hon. Nelson Marquezelli , a senior M.P., elected seven times since 1991 and Ambassador for Peace gave the opening words: “I am honored to preside over this session and to be a part of this moment and thank the UPF for the confidence they have placed in me for this noble task. The UPF seeks the well-being of humanity as an intercultural, interreligious organization working beyond the political parties. Acknowledging family values as a basic principle. The main topics discussed in the conferences are the role of governments, civil society organizations and faith-based organizations, I had the privilege to participate at several conferences included last year in Washington DC. As parliamentarians we use the laws to implement a culture of justice and peace for our society. In various parts of the world, especially in North Korea, there is the development of nuclear weapons, and the lack of dialogue between global authorities hampers progress towards ending conflicts and stability. We need to believe and keep investing to contribute for a better world. After all, peace is one of the most important legacies we can leave to future generations. That is why we need to be positive and continue to invest in the culture of peace. Once again, I thank UPF for being invited to be part of the launch of the International Association of Parliamentarians in Brazil and I congratulate this important initiative for peace.”

About 230 guests and dignitaries came for the launch of the IAPP, among them 32 parliamentarians, 4 Ambassadors (Nigeria, India, Greece and Sweden), university rectors, teachers, NGO leaders and Ambassadors for Peace.

The following 13 parliamentarians have been appointed Ambassadors for Peace: Hon. Alex Canziani Silveira; Hon. Celso Russomano; Hon. Diego Garcia; Hon. Professor Dorinha Seabra Rezende; Hon. Eros Biondini; Hon. Givaldo Carimbão; Hon. Mr Josué Bengtson; Hon. Jovair de Oliveira Arantes; Hon. Leopoldo Meyer; Hon. Marcos Feliciano (by representation); Hon. Mrs. Rosinha da Adefal; (by representation); Hon. Wellington Roberto; (by representation) and Hon. Fausto Pinato.

Upon receiving the title of Ambassador of Peace, each M. P. had the opportunity to share a few words, Hon. Eros Miondini, a devout catholic, said: “I have been praying for the last three day to know how to contribute for the culture of peace, but right now I got the answer, participating in this important event, and listening to all the profound messages, now I understand how to do it.”

Also were appointed new Ambassadors of Peace, Mrs. Maria da Penha Maia Fernandes, an icon whose name “Maria da Penha” became a law in Brazil to protect the women victim of violence; Mrs. Célia Paixão, Pastor and Author, publisher of the book “The influence of women in the world”;

Mrs. Vânia Lúcia Ferreira Leite, President of the social project of the Catholic Church Pastoral of the Child, and the Minister of the Superior Military Court, Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Rocha (who received the title through representative).

A delegation of 14 women from São Paulo Women Federation for World Peace (WFWP) working in partnership with the UPF, came to Brasilia 12 days before, to guarantee the presence of many dignitaries and contributed for the success of the launching of the IAPP in Brazil.

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