Bolivia: National Home Group


Prepared By FFWPU Bolivia

On November 5, 2017 in Cochabamba, the event was held with the presence of the Church Home Groups: Nueva Esperanza, Uni2, Puerta del Cielo, Saranje, Cheon Il Guk, Kayonbo, Association of University Students, each presented a number artistic and contest in the photo amorous, winning the home groups Cheon Il Guk and Uni2 respectively, participated as jurors our ambassadors of Peace. Divine Principle and autobiographies were delivered to the members that they met this year motivating them to make a one-on- one conference with other guests, the bonds of brotherhood were strengthened to advance in the fulfillment of the 2020 Vision.

In Oruro the home-group event was held, beginning with the words of welcome by the master of ceremony Mr. Luis Abad, video of activities, conference of home groups, entrance of flags, presentation of artistic numbers of the home groups, testimony of home groups, commemorative photo, farewell and lunch words. The 5 home groups made their participation, all with their members, there were 40 participants of the 40 new guests, 11 were the result, it was encouraging because the new participants were left with good expectation of the home group activities.

In Sucre, in order to strengthen the HG and determine more to win the 2020 vision, the HG event was held in which 42 people participated and could be determined to make HG’s providence victorious.

In the headquarters of Santa Cruz, the Home Group event was held, which involved the Home Group of the city of Santa Cruz and Warnes, in total were 4 HGs, each Home Group presented its flags during the event as well as its goal to achieve until the next Home Group event, there was no participation of new guests as in previous events. But somehow through this event the Home Group – Flias. Blessed want to raise their spirits to achieve the mission of Tribal Messiah and vision 2020 guided by our True Mother.

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