Benin: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing Festival

Prepared by FFWPU Benin

Event 1:  During the Interreligious Seminar for Peace which was held on November 28, 2017 we decided to have a blessing ceremony for Religious Leaders. On December 9, 2017, the Interreligious Blessing for Peace Festival took place at the Adjarra Youth House. And a total of 104 couples participated.

We are blessed in this festival so we will remain faithful to the other. Till yesterday our wives were marginalized in homes but now we have all understood that we have equal values before God. We must therefore consider partners and involve them in everything that concerns our homes, said Bishop IGBOHOU OLATOUDJI, Collective President of the Evangelical Churches Associations of Benin.

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Event 2: Mr. and Mrs. Antoine and Valentine Kpohin gave the blessing of marriage to 28 couples in Zogbodomey on December 10, 2017. Mr. Serge GUELI, head of Heavenly Tribal Messiah team at the municipality of Zogbodomey was the MC of the ceremony.

At the end of the festival, arrangements were made for the constitution of the blessed couples in groups of 12 couples to facilitate their follow-up, education and organization and to extend the blessing in all areas of Zogbodomey including those remote.

Participants at the event were interest in FFWPU’s vision for family renewal. They were touched by testimony of Soufiane Nadine, wife of the CANA I District Manager, about the 40-day separation period.

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