Belgium: Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop


by Aidan Cunningham, FFWPU Belgium

On Saturday 9th December 2017, my wife, Colette, daughter, Corey and I put on a hometown 1-day Divine Principle workshop at our house in Tournai for six French speaking guests. Including new guests and members we were thirteen altogether to attend. I had been wishing and hoping very much to stage this local workshop before Christmas and the turning of the new year. From our invitation to around twenty current and former contacts, mostly stemming from my activity as an English teacher in nearby companies, four of these contacts responded positively and came.

In recent months we had given out the sets of small colourful Divine Principle booklets (3) to most of our contacts and had engaged them in various amounts of discussion on such contents in between. So, partly from quite a bit of personal contact with them through English lessons and through offering them the colourful DP booklets it was possible to break some barriers thus opening the way for them to come.

As I’m a native English speaker and as we live only twenty minutes from Lille, France we decided to invite our native French speaking brothers and sisters to teach the workshop. This worked out very well from the teaching point of view while additionally presenting them the opportunity to bring two guests from Lille for the day.

Overall the participants appreciated very much the stimulating lectures and free discussions afforded by Mrs Bénédicte Suzuki – Introduction and Principles of Creation, Jean Tuszewki – Fall of Man and Jean Henri Vanaldervelt who finished up with a deep and thought provoking presentation of the Mission of the Messiah. Before making their way home the guests generally expressed a spontaneous desire to continue with further stimulating and enriching meetings as so.

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