Austria: CARP Christmas Dinner


By Akio Friesacher, CARP Austria

On December 9, 2017 CARP Austria joined forces to hold a Christmas celebration, which already became a yearly tradition. This regular event is a precious opportunity for young Unificationists as well as guests to come together and celebrate as one family on the foundation of Jesus and to practice love and appreciation for one another.

This time 20 people attended, including 7 guests; all dressed nicely to fit this festive atmosphere. At 6 pm people started to arrive and were welcomed by us with a warm drink, called punch. They could get themselves accustomed to the beautifully decorated rooms and had the chance to get to know other people. To make this evening more exciting everyone received a small ticket at the reception with a small task, for example: “Make a selfie with three Half-Asians” or “Give compliments to three people”.

After a few welcoming words the doors opened to the main hall, which let the dinner commence. Some people contributed to the dinner with home-made dishes.

Since there were people from many different countries, an enjoyable cultural exchange could take place as well. You could sense a good atmosphere; people enjoyed the variety of dishes, the friendly environment due to the lovely preparations made beforehand, as well as being together and talking to each other.

After everyone finished we continued with a talk about the “Joy of Giving”, which brought us into the right mindset for the following game of Secret Santa. For this game everyone needed to prepare a present beforehand for another person. And in order to receive a present we played the game of evolution, where everyone had to develop to become a human being. Many people were eager to develop quickly to choose a present first.

But finally, the Game-Master said that the last step of evolution still need to be done: To become a Person of heart. Therefore, the present that we chose for ourselves needed to be given to another person. This game was both, very entertaining, but also made us realize something deeper. To remember this precious time with each other, people could take pictures in a Christmas-Photo- Booth. We concluded the evening with singing Christmas Songs together and a watching a dance shown by two CARP Members.

Our thanks go to Heavenly Parent and everyone who made it possible for us to experience this wonderful evening. Probably see you next year.

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