Asian Leadership Conference

ALC with the theme “Providing Vision and Leadership for Nation-Building and Peace”


Prepared by UPF Asia

Due to the need to quickly educate many VIPs, UPF Asia conducted a second Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) within the same month. 21 participants from 8 nations (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand and Uzbekistan) representing a wide range of government officials, educators and NGO leaders, including district governors and city mayors, gathered in Bangkok from Nov. 24-27, 2017.

The ALC has 4 distinct purposes:

  1. Educate VIPs with the Divine Principle
  2. For VIPs to become blessed couples and HTM leaders (or support HTMs in their area)
  3. Raise them up to fulfil their John the Baptist mission and establish model communities, model towns, districts, provinces and model nation
  4. For unmarried VIPs with good standard to become matching candidates for our elder sisters waiting to be matched

This time, the Cambodian district governor’s couple and the former district chief’s couple from Thailand participated with gratitude in the Blessing Ceremony. With more education and deeper understanding of the process of the Blessing, they conducted the Indemnity Stick Ceremony with stronger determination than I have ever witnessed before in the VIP blessing ceremonies. We can feel that after a certain foundation was laid, the spirit world strongly supports all couples to participate in the Blessing Ceremony wholeheartedly.

Participants testified that they have learned so much in these 3 days, more than they could imagine and many of their personal questions have been answered. Others eagerly made plans how to apply what they have learned in their field of work right after their return. The city mayor promised to make their city a model city in the Philippines. His assistant wants to study True Father’s autobiography in order to incorporate True Father’s vision and guidance in their government policies.

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