Argentina: Sharing Parental Heart and Care

Prepared by WFWP Argentina

During the month of December, we held two joint activities that took place respectively at the Buenos Aires Peace Embassy and lately at the Children Day care House (Merendero) “Caritas Alegres” in the Tongil District of Lomas de Zamora (Buenos Aires province).

On December 7, women leaders of different ONGs and religious faiths gathered for a GWPN dinner with the purpose to share experiences and strengthen relationship among WFWP members and other women leaders.

This time, the gathering had also an additional purpose that was to collect toys and vestments for the children attending the Day Care House “Caritas Alegres” (Joyful Faces) located in a needed district of Lomas de Zamora city (Buenos Aires province) called “Tongil district”.

Women leaders accepted joyfully the solidarity appeals of WFWP members and participated to the collect bringing toys during the friendship dinner and wishing the best for our activity at the Day Care House.

On December 17, members of WFWP Argentina traveled to Lomas de Zamora and shared a deep emotional gathering with the 80 children attending the Day Care House, their families and the people responsible of that place.  The children age ranges from 1 year to 12 years old.

It was the first time that the Children Day Care House could celebrate properly the Christmas moment, with Christmas cakes and milk chocolates, and toys for the children. Of course their gratitude was deep and sincere and filled up the hearts of all WFWP members that were present to give this little joy to the children. Also Global Peace Citizen Autobiography books were offered to the people responsible of the care and education of the children in that place.

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