Zambia: HyoJeong Cheongpyeong – Africa Tour 2017


By Fabrice Djimadoum, FFWPU Zambia 

Zambia and other Nations from East and Southern Africa, included members from Lubumbashi, DR Congo, have received a grace to host for the second time the Cheongpyeong providence in Africa. The 3-day Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Special Zambia Event was held on October 20-22, 2017 at Barlastone Training Centre in Lusaka. This was the 3rd leg of the Africa Cheongpyeong Tour 2017, which started in Cote d’Ivoire, Benin and later culminated in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The first Special Workshop for the New Beginning of Cheon Il Guk Blessed Families with Heung Jin Nim, and Dae Mo Nim Africa Tour was held in Zambia from January 26-27, 2006 in Lusaka.

Members from different nations of the East and Southern Africa participated in the Chanyang Yeoksa Sessions, Ancestors’ Liberation and Blessing as well as in the Grace of the Hyojeong Wish Fulfillment Papers Offering Ceremony. More than 400 members, including blessed couples, single and student members, children, Bishops from Zimbabwe headed by Archbishop Johanes Nyamwa Ndanga, Founder of Pentecostal Christian Church International and Executive President of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe. In attendance was also the former Prime Minister of Zambia who is also UPF Chairman, the Rt. Hon. Gen. Malimba Nathaniel Masheke as well as others religious leaders from Zambia. Representatives of 15 nations have converged together in the main arena of the Church for the 3-day event.

Members and other participants started coming as early as on October 18. Despite some challenges, like the heat and the long travel, with some members having to travel for 3-4 days by road in order to reach the venue, plus the grueling schedule, old and young alike. All came to offer jeongseong and to show their filial piety to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. The wonderful scene of seeing members dressed in white going up and down towards the church hall had resemblance of Cheongpyeong.

The 3-Day event started with lunch then followed by a lecture from the Regional HQ given by Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, Coordinator for the Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Africa Tour 2017. In his presentation, he highlighted the importance of building Cheon Il Guk and where we stand in relation to building Cheon Il Guk. After a short break, Rev. Ghomsi emphasized on the grace of tour in Africa.

After a break, Mr. Moon gave a PowerPoint presentation on the significance of “Chanyang Yeoksa” session where he clearly put emphasis on how to hit the body correctly during the Holy Song Session in order to liberate the evil spirits that are inside the body. He explained the grace that participants could receive in participating in the Chanyang Session, especially when members keep a heart of gratitude and repentance and a longing heart to remove one’s fallen natures.

Afterwards, Rev. Bakary Camara, Africa Group Chairman explained to the participants the value and meaning of this tour.

Then later, members experienced the first session of Chanyang Yeoksa conducted by the dynamic second-generation team. During that session, members were able to experience great spiritual blessings from heaven.

The second day of the event started with a Hoon Dok Hwe led by Rev. David Isaac Phiri, National Leader of Zambia followed by a guidance given by Rev. Camara. Then after the breakfast, the second session of Chanyang Yeoksa followed by an opening ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony began with the Cheon Il Guk anthem followed by Family Pledge and prayer given by Rev. Moses Gimeyi, National Leader of Uganda. Later on, offering of flowers to True Parents by Rev. and Mrs. Simon Amare, National Leader of Ethiopia. Rev. Camara introduced Rev. Lee and the Cheonpyeong staff and flowers were offered to them as well by a second generation. In his opening remarks, Rev. Camara thanked True Mother for her abundant blessings. In the conclusion of the opening of ceremony, Cheers of Eog Mansei were conducted by Rev. Ernest Moiteri Leballo, National Leader of South Africa.

Rev. Bakary Camara spoke on Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities. He urged everyone to be actively involved. He gave the reasons why we should. “We are all refugees in this world as long as we don’t live in Cheon Il Guk,” he said.

Another presentation was on the Hyojeong Cheonwon Project, given by Rev. Jin Hwa Chung, Director of the International Department of Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center.  A video of the projects done or to be done in Cheongpyeong was shown. Despite the heat, members continued to respond positively to each lecture with a lot of enthusiasm.

Afterwards, the key lecture of the workshop was given by Rev. Ki-Seong Lee, President of the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center who gave a presentation on “Cheongpyeong: The Land of Liberation”. Here Rev. Lee gave a brief history of Cheongpyeong and elaborate on at which stage we are in the Cheongpyeong providence. True Parents are now directly in control of the activities of Cheongpyeong now. He also said, “True Mother ordered this Tour in order to purify and clean Africa and make it into a shiny and bright Africa, and prepare for her visit during the Africa Summit of December 2017,” he said.

On the third and last day of the workshop, the program started at 5:00 AM with Hoon Dok Hwe together with Rev. Bakary Camara. Rev. Camara put emphasis on the life of attendance. After the breakfast, at 8:00 AM, the Chanyang Team composed of mainly of Second Generation members took the stage.

This session was followed by the Ancestors’ Liberation Ceremony and Spiritual World and physical World Matching. The thunderous claps of brothers and sisters filled the church hall echoing with many spiritual powers. True Parents and the completely good spiritual world embraced the members with love as they liberate their ancestors. Participants wept as they offered their prayers. They could feel God and the presence of their ancestors with them and peace truly enveloped their hearts.

The next program held was the Hyojeong Prayer Wish Fulfillment Offering Ceremony. Three boxes of wish papers were offered through the Officiators, Rev. Ki-Seong Lee and Rev. Bakary Camara. Here everyone offered unison prayer as they poured out their hearts in intense prayers to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the fulfillment of their wishes and prayers. At the end, Mrs. Betty Banda gave a congratulatory song that lifted up everyone as she sang Amazing Grace in Lingala, language spoken in DR Congo.

After lunch, the Ancestors’ Blessing Ceremony took place. The atmosphere was so heavenly and solemn with some 60 participants who attended with God and True Parents and their ancestors in the spirit world. Here the congratulatory song was sang by Mrs. Katrina Ghomsi. All joined her in singing “Kumbaya”.

A short entertainment followed. To jumpstart, a very powerful performance came from the Tongil Moo Do practitioners, followed by dance presentations from brothers and sisters. Sunday school children offered some captivating songs, which expressed their gratitude to Heavenly Father and True Parents. The celebration concluded with a well-known song from Zambian members and within the region of East and Southern Africa from Rev. Bakary Camara titled “With True Parents, No more Fear,” expressing the determination to be with our beloved True Parents.

Then there was a ceremony of bequeathing of candle for ascended Second generation members.

Once again, the second Cheongpyeong Tour in Zambia brought much forgiveness, love and unity among members from the East and Southern Africa nations a spiritual power and strength to a higher dimension. In their testimonies, brothers and sisters expressed having gained more strength, energy and determination to continue the task of offering Zambia and Africa to our True Parents.  After the tour, members left the venue with renewed spirits and transformed hearts. They more ready than before and determined to give their very best and work harder than ever for the advancement of the providence and for the nation of the Zambia to become a nation of Cheon Il Guk.


Ms. Magdalene Nimundele, 2nd Generation, Zambia: At the start of the workshop, I felt very heavy spiritually and I was having issues with decision-making of what to do. Many times activities in the fallen world look more attractive; but at the end of closed doors, it is pain and suffering that remain. My head was heavy; hurting such that no matter how many painkillers I would take there was no change.

After going through the Chanyang sessions conducted for three days, today I am whole-heartedly grateful after assistance from the spirit world and Rev. Lee, all the pain in my head left when I prayed my eyes keep soaking with tears. I a whole lot different and promise heaven and earth to become the best embodiment that the Heavenly Parent and True Parents can be proud of always.

Thanks give in my heart. Aju!

Ms. Echung Faerber, blessed 2nd Generation, Zambia: First of all, I want to thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the opportunity of the special workshop that took place here in Zambia over the past three days, as well as the other workshops held in Cote d’Ivoire and Benin, and yet to be held in DR Congo. This has truly been an amazing grace that I feel I do not deserved and I can feel just from the possibility of the workshop how much love True Mother has for all of us.

During his lecture, President Lee told us the way for Africa has been opened through these workshops. Thank you and now I must take responsibility to take things up and move forward.

I have attended Chanyang sessions before, as well as Cheongpyeong workshops but this time I felt I was able to connect and truly feel the heart that the Heavenly Parent and True Parents have for us. For the first time I was able to also deeply resonate with holy song no. 2, especially the fourth verse.

The reason I exist, the reason I am here at this moment, the reason why I have everything in my life is the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Therefore, I have no control over anything and my destiny is with them. I truly felt that Cheongpyeong is here in Zambia, and its been amazing to experience that feeling in your home. Thank you. I pray that the whole Zambia/Africa can take things up and move forward to Vision 2020. Thank you. Thank you.

Mrs. Grace Nimundele, 30,000 Couples, Zambia:My experience with my ancestors, including my husband, has been real; wanting to be liberated and blessed. Satan wanted to prevent this. However, the spiritual world intervened on finances. For me this is the greatest miracle that has happened.

My body was very heavy and my feet were swollen and aching for quite some time now. During the Chanyang sessions, I really dedicated myself, and the placing of hands and prayers of Rev. Lee made me feel the spiritual healing power enter into me like electric shock.

Today, the pain and the swelling are almost gone and my body feels light.

Thank you very much to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ grace. Aju. Aju. Aju!

Mrs. Grace Kisenga, 30,000 Couples, Zambia: I experienced my arm paralyzed during the time of the Chanyang and it could not move any more. Then I remember the time I was very sick in 2012. The doctor told me that there is a stroke in my left hand.

Therefore, during the Chanyang session I was shocked my left arm could not move. I was using my right hand to beat my neck and at the same time I was praying to God and True Parents and my ancestors to help my left arm. I was really in severe pain and was afraid that it may remain like that. Nevertheless, after some time my left hand came back to normal.

I thank God Almighty and True Parents, and my ancestors for healing me. Aju!

Ms. Akane Annie Chisha, blessed 2nd Generation, Zambia: My experience during these 3 days’ workshop was amazing, especially on the last day of the ancestors’ liberation where I got to see some of my ancestors, my grandparents. During the session, I heard a loud noise in the room like loud drums playing and I could also hear many people trying to whisper; but I could not hear them clearly. I felt like crying but I could not. Then, after we had the unison prayer, I felt like two people talking to me and these were my grandparents. I could not see them. It felt like them because when they passed away, I could not say bye and soon after them, the family kept breaking apart. My father’s relatives started accusing him for killing them. Therefore, I started to cry and I could not talk. All I could say is how sorry I was to them for not saying bye and they said that it was ok and everything is going to be fine.

I am grateful to the Heavenly Parent and True Parents for everything. Thank you True Mother for bringing the Cheongpyeong providence to Zambia.

Mrs. Laura Lynn Iyolangomo, 30,000 Couples, wife, National Leader of Zimbabwe: I am grateful for such an amazing grace and opportunity given to my family and me by the Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and all Humankind. At first I thought I won’t achieve anything within such a short time but in the last day of this workshop I feel much joy inside myself after I opened up to Heavenly Parent in the prayer room. Rev. Camara’s guidance in the HDH and advice to all of us really helped me a lot. I really feel more love for my brothers and sisters; I feel some change in myself in attitude and feel a lot of gratitude. On the 2nd day I experienced evil spirits come out of my chest. I felt it was a bit difficult for me to speak or to pray. However as I fought to expel it and finally felt some relief when it was out. I also saw an evil spirit come out of someone’s back. It was in the form of fluffy insect but it just disappeared. I tried to look for it to make sure but it was nowhere to be found and it was from a sister in front of me.

I feel more calm and confident also after writing a wish paper on the 4th coming Blessing in our nation of Zimbabwe. I feel God is truly taking care of everything and we just have to believe and utilize the grace that he has bequeathed to all of us. I also really felt our leaders are representatives of True Parents. I felt this in my heart especially when Rev. Camara explained in HDH about subject and object relationship that you have to find your subject in your life and just follow. He said that is why he keeps his phone in HDH. In case True Parents call, he just moves and attends to them right away. This inspired me so much.

Therefore, through this workshop I have to rearrange my mindset and way of doing things so that I can achieve before I go to the spirit world.

Mrs. Justine Segali, 360,000 Couples, South Africa: Dear Heavenly Parent and True Parents, I am very grateful for the opportunity of this Cheongpyeong experience in Africa. I have liberated all my ancestors in the past but only blessed the parents not the grandparents on both sides. Coming from Uganda, staying in South Africa without a job at present, I decided to bless my grandparents under my uncle (father’s brother). This caused a problem. I was called to explain, as my mother’s side could not be blessed by my uncle. I was mad and I gave the staff members a hard time. When I went to bed it became very clear that I cannot lie at such a time. I went to apologize to the brother and every time I thought about my actions, tears just flowed out of my eyes. It was a base for me to repent for all my shortcomings and I must be honest in every way. Then came Blessing time. My first spiritual experience was during prayer by the officiator. I felt as if many people hugged me I thought that what was going on at this prayer time. When I opened my eyes, I was alone, so the people I felt were my ancestors.

Thank you Heavenly parent and True Parents as well as all my brothers from Korea and our Continental Chairman.

Mrs. Peggie Gladys Nyendwa Bassole, 30,000 Couples, Zambia: During the Chanyang session, I felt like water pouring out of my body, like when one is taking a bath using a cup pouring water over the body. After each session my body felt so tired but very light that I was failing to walk. On the second day at night I had a terrible headache the whole night, I thought I was going to die. I wanted to drink medicine but something told me not to because it was my ancestors taking out evil spirits. It was so powerful that I cried the whole night then fell into a deep sleep and when I woke up I felt so much better than I have ever felt before. Every pain that I used to feel before was gone and all the heaviness that I used to experience before were gone too.

Thank you to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this special grace.

Mr. Vincent Mlanga, Malawi: Glory be to our loving True Mother for such an amazing grace of ancestral liberation given to Africa. I am overwhelmed with such consideration from our True Parents and our loving True Mother for this event of ancestral liberation in Zambia. This event has really changed my spirit when I arrived and attended the Chanyang session. My spirit self-became light and felt no stress in my heart.  Thank you our loving True Mother.

Mrs. Paula Karamagi, 400 M Couples (Experiences): My first experience was on the 20th day of October during the first Chanyang session. I saw a dark cloud surrounding my father. While I was singing during the Chanyang everybody else looked like angels but only my father was surrounded by a dark evil cloud. My second experience was on the 22nd. While I was praying I felt True Mother’s desperation for us, she really wants us to restore the 7.5 billion people in the world and to offer a nation to Heavenly Parent. My third experience was during the last session of Chanyang. After prayer, I felt a strong pain in both my uterus and my legs became weak. It took four hours for the pain to go away.

Mrs. Albina Tanui, 30,000 Couples, National Leader of Somalia: This special grace started about two weeks ago before the cheongpyeong set date. My husband was not convinced about me attending the workshop but after he realized I was on a 3-day fast condition. He suggested I prepare and attend. He promised to support me 50% of my air ticket but I told him I only needed his go ahead. I felt deep conviction that this workshop would be better because unlike in Cheongpyeong, it would be concentrated on a particular region in Africa. I felt it even as we started with the first Chanyang session.

The last day I was feeling tired and like I could not manage best of giving myself. I made a wish to get at least a cushion to seat on. Although really it was a simple wish, it was fulfilled miraculously. I found a cushion at the entrance. I asked one of the elder members if I could sit on it and he said it was in order. This made my sitting very easy and I knew my wish would be answered as well as to enable me to do better for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I am so grateful I fell doors opened. Big thanks to our True Mother.

Ms. Ramaroson Josee Michelle, National Leader of Madagascar: Dear beloved Heavenly Parent, Dear beloved True Parents, Thank you so much for your love and grace. For also allowing us to receive such Heavenly love to Africa through the Cheongpyeong providence in order for us to receive direct light and love from your life. I personally experienced the love and guidance from heaven during the six weeks of intense attacks from the evil spirits. However, Heavenly Parent always comforted me. True Parents guided my feet every day. They also sent me legions of angels who protected me so that I could be on the Cheongpyeong tour grace safely. Dae Mo Nim helped me a lot. I was brought in Zambia on Heavenly Parent’s palm. The picture that I drew; its True Mother protecting me from the typhoon from those evil spirits and people. When I arrived in Zambia, I was obviously distressed and looked dull. However, after the grace I received 3 times from the three first Chanyang sessions. I definitely felt lighter, brighter, relieved, liberated, and resurrected. A miracle I will bring to Madagascar. The love of True Mother, the light of True Parents, to develop the providence toward vision 2020, to share the grace and blessing with the whole nation. Thank you True Mother.

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