Witnessing in Hamburg and Northern Germany


By Martine Masner, FFWPU Europe

Families in Germany hold Divine Principle-Breakfast-meetings in several homes and small restaurants. This adds up to around 100 times a year. Some regular guests could learn the content of a full 7day Divine Principle workshop through this.

Since November 2016 they started witnessing at the Hamburg University. Every Friday afternoon, they speak to the students for about an hour and invite them to their DP study group. If guests join, they read from the Divine Principle book and if they have no guests, they also read for about 40 minutes and then share testimonies. “This creates a deep bond of heart, as we experienced it when we joined our movement.”

Recently they also started book table witnessing in a smaller town, Lüneburg, where there is a university as well. When students have time, they invite them to a nearby coffee shop to read Divine Principle together. To follow up their contacts, they visit them in their homes to show them Peace TV, PowerPoint lectures and photos from recent activities of our movement. Through computer equipment, their home is transformed into a seminar facility. The TV screen serves as a perfect tool to receive heavenly input, so the members don’t need to worry about expenses for meetings.

To inspire the blessed families to reach out to their friends and neighbors, the city leader Ulrich Ganz visited blessed families in the North Region and introduced them to “Active Reading”. This consists of reading 4-5 pages from the small principles brochures. Each participant reads a page, pausing between each section. Then everyone is asked to give a short comment (2-3 min.). This results in interesting insights about how the participants have understood the content of the Principle. After about 30-45 minutes’ small games are played and the atmosphere becomes familial. They share refreshments and sing songs together. This makes them feel as brothers and sisters like in the old days! The guests participate and are learning about the Principle in the same time. They want to continue these “Active Reading” sessions because it is good for small groups at home.

In this way they feel confident to make steps toward consistent outreach and bringing people closer to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

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