Venezuela: Divine Principle Workshop


Prepared by FFWPU-Venezuela

Despite the hostile economic and political conditions in Venezuela, we managed to hold a 3-day Divine Principle seminar, at the Incorruptible Camp, in Paracotos, near Caracas, on 17th to 19th of November. Under the motto “You are the Messiah”, blessed families and core members took care of 35 participants, 21 of them attended for the first time. This is indeed a sign of spiritual need in our country.

The Workshop included Divine Principle lectures, group dynamics, recreational activities, a lot of fun and prayer. We fulfilled the three main objectives of the seminar: 1) to feel God´s suffering Heart when we commit a sin; 2) to understand that the Human Fall began with a sexual disorder; 3) to feel that each individual is a potential messiah, with the mission to heal God´s Heart and prevent humanity from sinning.

Using our youth-to-youth approach of teaching our main Lecturer was our young sister Mirleisy Izaguirre, 21 years old college student and head of the student body in her university.

The participants were very inspired and devoted themselves to have a new beginning, by symbolically having the resurrection holy wine for a life of purity and absolute love. Everybody expressed their commitment to bring people from their communities in order to share this teachings and experiences.

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