USA: 7-Day Divine Principle Seminar Inspires Young and Old


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On November 15th, six participants gathered at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) for the latest seven-day Divine Principle Seminar. The guests were a mix of young and old, new and well-seasoned. A blessed couple and their adult son even attended the event, making the seminar feel more familial. “It was a beautiful experience,” says Reverend Andy Compton, who led lectures and discussions for the week.

Eric, who attended the seminar with his parents Loren and Silke, had found it difficult to get enough days off of work so that he could come. His family repeatedly planned to make the drive from Oklahoma to Nevada, but his boss would not budge. Finally, Eric tried a 40-day condition, and everything fell into place. “The focus from the start to finish [of the seminar] was always God’s heart,” says Eric, who was moved to learn more about “God’s unending love for humanity.” Eric’s mother Silke agreed. “We often view restoration from the intellectual viewpoint but not from the viewpoint of heart which makes it more personal.” Eric’s father Loren especially felt grateful to be able to see places where True Parents had once been. “Going to places where True Father walked and prayed was precious,” he said.

Other participants had similar breakthroughs during the week. “I did not expect to overcome an issue about my heart at this retreat,” said Talisa Pace, who was hearing Divine Principle for the first time while at IPEC. “I am astounded by what’s happened within me while learning here!” Patsy Onatah, who joined only a few months before Talisa, agrees. “My deepest experiences were realizing what a loving heart God has and my place in God’s providence. I, Patsy Onatah, am a child of God and have value.”

Having guests who were so new to Divine Principle inspired Steve Honey, who has been a Unificationist for most of his adult life. “Seven days dedicated to internal content is a chance to regroup spiritually and emotionally, a chance to remember the faith and innocence of when we joined,” he said.

As always, participants concluded the seminar with visits to Red Rock Canyon and the Grand Canyon.

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