True Parents’ News: Weekly Update (November 25, 2017)


Prepared by PeaceTV

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This week we cover:

1. True Parents

Nagoya and Osaka, Ten-Thousand-Member Foundation Victory Rally

2. World News

  • True Family (The 39th and 28th Memorial Service to commemorate Han Seung-eun (Daebu-nim) and Hong Sun-ae,(Daemo-nim))
  • Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities (Thailand: Asian Leadership Conference / Dominican Republic, Leadership Conference and Interreligious Blessing Festival for Peace)
  • Peace Projects (The Citizen’s Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea: Special Guest Lecture by the Chairman of the Washington Times)
  • Youth Projects (Korea: Hyo Jeong CARP National Divine Principle Lecture Contest)
  • Major Events (The 58th True Children’s Day and 30th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World / Inauguration of the Chairman of the International Peace Tunnel Foundation and 23rd Peace Road Forum / HJ Sunsuwon Renovation Award)


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  1. Paluku Mulekya says:

    Long life for our beloved True Mother

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