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Peace Road Thailand 2017 For IPEACETV


Kamol Thananopavarn, UPF Thailand

Peace Road Thailand 2017 organized at Pak Chong National Training Center become historical great successful in term of giving Vision of Peace of True Parents, number of cyclists participated, raising sponsorship, professionalism of event from cooperation and support of cyclist societies, business organization, government, local administration and tourism of Thailand.

There are 550 cyclists participated with 500 cyclists paid registration feel which range from $30 to $100. Around 50 cyclists were volunteer, staff, cyclist media association and Camera man who take care and support all cyclist to be in safety, navigate the direction, and take photo from the high technique camera and collect information to media. This great successful come from cooperation and mobilization of cyclist societies, clubs, and association since Peace Road 2016. All participants in this event including many blessed families, second generation, CARP members, sponsorship, many governments and volunteer supports are around 1,000 people.

Major sponsors are Krungthai Bank which donated $4700 and Tourism Authority of Thailand which donated $3200. The total donation was around $12500. This is excluding First Aids team, Cyclist Society Media team, Camera man, cyclist volunteer for safety and navigation, 20 police officers, Officers from Department of Highway, Officers from Moo Si sub-district administration office, Musical Performance from World CARP Thailand Team, and Exciting Performance from Tong-il Moo Do which gave all service for free.

Many cyclists and volunteers put tent and sleep at night before event surrounding our Pak Chong FFWPU Training center which is famous area for fresh, cool air and beauty in scenario for Bangkok people.

Program began from the highest government protocol that is honoring and pledge to loyal to King monarchy leading by Gen. Terdsak Maromme, UPF Thailand President. Then, Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy gave welcoming remark. Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, National Leader of Thailand, gave reporting remark for the project and Then, Gen. Terdsak Maromme gave Opening remark. Through opening ceremony, all participants can feel the greatness of vision and legacy of peace of True Parents and they want to connect the whole world through International High Way Project which Peace Road is one of initiative to promote this Vision of World Peace. Gen. Terdsak Maromme and UPF Thailand committee presentation of plaques and certificates of appreciation to Director of Krungthai Bank of Nakhonratchasima province and Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand of Nakhonratchasim province who gave big donation for this project.

The cyclists rode bicycle with beautiful scenery of Pak Chong which is closed to the huge national park, Khao Yai. They passed many beautiful nature, hill, road and landmark resort scenery. The most amazing impression for cyclists is how our FFWPU and UPF Thailand have such a beautiful and dignified training center in beautiful area in front of big mountain in Pak Chong. Many of cyclists join together as families – parents and children which create beautiful lovely atmosphere.

During closing ceremony, all cyclists join with World CARP Thailand music band and Tong-il Moo Do performance.  UPF and FFWPU Thailand gave scholarship to Baan Klong Suea elementary school students which is near by Pak Chong Training Center. Then, it followed by certificate presentation for cyclist clubs or associations which support to invite many participants and for organizations or clubs that support gave donations and support for this project.

This is historical breakthrough in term of financial and sponsorship and in term of cyclists and participants. According to Facebook in cyclist societies in Thailand and Tourism Authority of Thailand and government of Pak Chong, Peace Road 2017 and Pak Chong Training center become well known in Thailand. All participants feel impressed and want to bring people to join more next year. Mr. Somyot, organizing committee and all staff feel quite happy for project this year, even though there are still many mistake in details. Pak Chong training center become well-known as one of great dignified building in Pak Chong for seminar and event. We are so grateful to True Parents for their investment to Pak Chong Training center and Vision of Peace Road.  Thank you so much for Dr.Yong for always encouraging and giving vision to us to dream big and work with heart of filial piety to True Parents.

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