Taiwan: Inauguration of the Central Party Office of the “Interfaith Union Party”


Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

The “Interfaith Union Party” composed of nine major denominations of Buddhism, Taoism, I-Kuan Tao, Catholicism, Christianity, Unification church, Li-ism(理教), the T’ienti Teachings(天帝教) held the inauguration of the Central Party Office in Taipei Hero House on the afternoon of November 12, 2017.

National Policy Advisor to the current President of Taiwan, Dr. CHU Wuhsien serves as chairman of the party; In the opening ceremony, vice mayor of New Taipei city Mr. Hou Youyi, and Taipei Mayor Dr. Ko Wen-je arrived and gave guest address. Our vice national leader Rev. Min Taihsi also gave a remark.

The Interfaith Union party set its goal on the 2020 Parliamentary election and formally registered the party on May 16 this year. It set up the Kaohsiung City Party Office on October 15, and today it established the Central Party Office in Taipei. The purpose of establishing the Interfaith Union party is that the current government did not understand the true meaning of religious freedom and the pluralistic development of religion. Although religion does not interfere in politics, but it can’t  be separated from the influence of politics. Also, we believe Religious people’s political participation can supervise the government not to make evil law (bad law).

The Chairman, Dr. CHU Wuhsien said that the Interfaith Union party hopes to be able to take over the 3 Parliamentarians in the 2020 Parliamentary election. A religious representative even said in his speech that if the religions are united, the Interfaith Union party should be able to secure over 1.7 million votes.

Religious parties in all countries of the world are all single religion. Taiwan is the first one to found the party by joint religions in the world in order to help the society and the country through the power of the religions. Unification church in Taiwan is actively participating in it and is looking forward to a better development of the ” Interfaith Union party” in the future.

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