Sun Jin Nim Shares Her Heart with Brothers and Sisters at the Cheongpyeong Great Works

Special Talk by the International President at the 2017 Autumn HyoJeong CP Special Great Works, November 3 2017, at Cheongpyeong Training Center



By Julian Gray, FFWPU International

FFWPU International President Sun Jin Moon was accompanied by her husband In Sup Nim. She began her speech by warmly welcoming the brothers and sisters who had already arrived for the first day of the Cheongpyeong “Great Works” workshop. Here follows a summary of the main parts of the two-and-a-half-hour session:

Sun Jin Nim:

“True Parents have been creating a haven, a home, where all the people of the world can find their true home, their true parents, understand Heavenly Parent’s word and be reborn as true, filial sons and daughters. I welcome you, my brothers and sisters from around the world with tremendous joy, with tremendous love, and tremendous gratitude.”

The International President mentioned that Mother is always thinking about the world, which does not manifest God’s ideal. She said that our members, as missionaries, have seen much human suffering, division and breakdown. We see refugee crises, wars and threats of war, all evidencing humankind’s separation from God, and all people are crying out for hope, looking for the end of suffering, the path back to our Heavenly Parent. And True Parents have made so much effort to bring their message to the people of the world.

Sun Jin Nim then asked everyone present to offer a time of silence, to pray for the people around the world who do not yet know True Parents:

“For all those suffering from terror, affected by climate change, refugee crises, war, division, separation, poverty, any form of discrimination—whether religious, racist, sexist, nationalist—or human rights violation and abuse. To all the children of Heavenly Parent around the world, let us offer our love, hope, charity, and solidarity as one family under Heavenly Parent and open our hearts to our global family in this moment of prayer. Aju.”

Mentioning the lack of love in people’s lives, and how people are searching for true parents, and how Mother is working to develop the culture of the arts to help guide people back to the love they miss, Sun Jin Nim played the music video “Where’s the Love?” (Sung by the Black Eyed Peas).

Sun Jin Nim then said that we have the responsibility to help True Parents in fulfilling the dream of bringing all of humankind back to God’s love. “What did True Parents leave us in order to find the way? Hoondokhae! All of Father’s speeches.”

After explaining the value of reading True Parents’ words, Sun Jin Nim read the final section, “Dreaming of a Peaceful World,” from True Father’s autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen.

In this chapter, Father explains his vision for a road bridge to span the Bering Strait and join two mega-continents together as part of an international highway for peace. Father recognized that many nations would have to agree to the International Highway, but he emphasized that squandering money on arms and warfare must one day stop.

Father also mentioned his proposal for a restructuring of the United Nations to include “a religious, or cultural, assembly or council and that this body “would consist of respected spiritual leaders in fields such as religion, culture, and education” who would “transcend the limited interests of particular religions and cultures and to speak for the spiritual and moral purposes of all humanity.”

In the concluding words of the section, Father emphasized, “Those who have achieved deep self-awareness through religious practice are needed now more than ever. It is only truly religious people who can stand up to the unrighteousness and evil of the world and practice true love. It is only when the knowledge and experience of political leaders are combined with the wisdom of interreligious leaders that the world will be able to find the path to true peace.

Again today I set out on my path with renewed determination to achieve that goal. My prayer is that every person on earth will be reborn as a peace-loving global citizen, transcending barriers of religion, ideology, and race.”

Sun Jin Nim has created a tradition at her speaking events, which she calls “Heart to Heart.” She receives questions in advance from members who will be present in the audience on the day she speaks, and then tries to answer them from her heart. As she began the session, Sun Jin Nim said that this was a way we grow and learn from each other: “So I learn from your questions and we learn to answer them together as one family.”

Here are the questions Sun Jin Nim answered today (the answers written here are a summary of what Sun Jin Nim said and therefore slightly selective and interpretive in parts):

1. Agnes Nagy, Italy (originally Hungary): You are very beautiful, in every sense, and we know you are very busy, carrying big responsibilities with your husband for God, and to support Mother continuously. How do you organize your time so that you can take care of yourself so well?

Sun Jin Nim:

It is true we are constantly on the go for the worldwide mission. When Mother was with Father she supported him 24/7 and could not take care of herself at all. She was restoring Eve’s mission, having 14 children, and living for the sake of the world. Through their course, True Parents opened to door to liberation so that we could have potential to inherit their perfection.

True Mother is now taking good care of her health. She is doing the ‘bounce’ exercise, and she balances what she gives to the world with taking in positive messages and enjoying beautiful moments in nature—all of which bring vitality. Mother is trying to introduce this to everybody as the culture of heart, how we live in the time of settlement.

I am grateful to True Mother. I had no foundation to serve True Parents. She gave me time, the balance, the patience and encouragement, in the hope that eventually we would be able to step forward. So with regard to the question of how I take care of myself, it is trying to find a balance. For the first part of our church history we had Father: he was like fire, blazing the road without rest or sleep.

Mother was with him every step of the way but now we can begin to understand the feminine side of True Parents. Father was like lightning, waking us up. And Mother is like complete harmony, embracing us, building us up, thinking of our education, growth and perfection, Blessing and future legacy, the record of the sons and daughters. Father is like the Sun energy of the day, and Mother is like the Moon energy of the night, embracing and restoring our bodies and minds so that we can go again the next day. And as I serve True Parents as one united couple, I came to understand this to be the balance that was missing in our movement; and why many second generation members could not experience an environment where both masculine and feminine energies were complete, and where we could raise our children with love, joy and happiness.

I know that if my mind, body and soul are not strong I cannot help anyone. To balance everything, I do yoga and meditation, and recently a lot of sports – which makes us strong mentally as well as physically. I take time to cook a meal for the family, enjoying it together, spending time to walk our dogs, but really taking those times to connect and really find joy in life. You have to find ways to feed your body and soul daily, to surround mind, body and soul with positive things that bring joy and inspire you.

2. Takiko Okamoto, Japan: I believe you went through many different feelings towards True Parents, not having been able to spend so much time with them when you were small, but now you are attending them as International President. Please let us know how you became aware of your position as a True Child?

Sun Jin Nim:

Let me ask you, what do you think the archangel would attack more than anything? Of course, True Parents as the Messiah. But next, Satan would want to destroy the True Children.

When we were growing up we did not have True Parents with us so much, so although we were called “True Children” it was not always such a blessing.

It was a very public life, we were raised by church brothers and sisters who were not yet perfected in love. And expectations of us were very high, that we as True Parents’ children, should be model children representing True Parents to the world, and that we should inherit their leadership qualities.

In that time of indemnity, when we were growing up, True Parents had to love Cain more than Abel, to indemnify the Fall. So they needed to put the Cain children first.

I also saw my brothers and sisters go through difficulties; I came to have a lot of doubt, resentment, even anger and disbelief.

My older brother Heung-jin nim passed away when I was 7 years old. He was in the hospital unconscious, so pale. We were asked to kiss him, because he was going to pass on to the spirit world, but I was scared, and I could not do it. We were asked not to cry, and it was explained that he was going as a sacrifice for the world. It had my first spiritual experience when I saw my brother’s image in the spirit. Father had told us not to cry so I was looking upward, and I saw Heung-jin Oppa and he just smiled at me to say “It’s okay.”

Hyo-jin nim, especially, grew up under such pressure to inherit from True Father as his son. He had to endure so much internally, yet always had great hopes for people. He was absolutely faithful to Father and Mother.

True Parents went to America. At the time there was a problem of racism, plus Father and the movement began to receive a lot of persecution. People would fight and bully my brother Hyo-jin. I also saw my other brothers and sisters made fun of and being persecuted as Father’s children. There were threats against True Parents’ lives, and we were warned about the danger of kidnapping and that we, the children, needed security too. I think that is why Hyo-jin nim did martial arts so much. It was a difficult environment in which to grow up.

We faced archangelic powers too, that sought to divide members of the True Family from each other, from True Parents. The Archangel divides and separates, and offers someone individual power, and tempts him or her away from their original purpose. We see this energy all over the world, coming from 6,000 years of the human Fall. I have seen everyone in my family go through this. But I don’t judge anyone after what they have been through. If you had walked in their shoes…no one can judge. We have to find our way back to become united with love, faith and obedience.

First generation families can relate. Like True Parents, you sacrificed your lives for the sake of the providence, and your children may have grown up with the same challenges we had. Everything True Mother has been trying to do recently is to bring everyone back, to restore the family, to be able to go as one family. She elevated Hyo-jin Oppa to a position that during his earthly lifetime he was never able to receive. In this lifetime, even for someone like me, as a True Child, I was so unworthy—yet Mother asked me to help her, and taught me really how to be a child of True Parents. So when did I realize I was a True Child? It was when, in spite of everything, I experienced True Parents’ unconditional love and I realized that Heavenly Parent has never, ever given up on any one of His children; and that True Parents unconditionally love you as their True Children.

This is such a blessing to each and every one of you. Then how should we, as filial sons and daughters, return this blessing to True Parents? It is through hyojeong, a heart of filial piety. If we can overcome all our resentment and pain, and seeing who our True Parents are, and our Heavenly Parent too, and, beyond all obstacles, help our True Parents the dream—that is how we become True Children.


3. Tokue Beniya, (Shibuya, Japan, F, 43): Please tell us any memorable episodes with True Parents that are related to the turning point (internal, external) in your life.

Sun Jin Nim:

The most memorable experience was when Father asked me to receive the Blessing at a very early age; I was 17, in my senior year of high school. At that time, I was an angry young child with not much understanding. At that time some of us did not have a foundation of faith. We did not understand the meaning of the Blessing as blessed children. So at that time I said no. It was the first time one of the True Children had said no to Father regarding the Blessing. You might imagine Father’s response. Father was so upset with me. I went to my room and cried.

We were engaged for some seven months before the Blessing. I had no understanding. I was just thinking about the external qualities I would want in a husband. As time passed I came to the conclusion that I could not accept my husband. I told Father “I cannot do this.”

Father didn’t yell at me. But he said something I will remember for the rest of my life: He said the truth is the truth. You cannot escape it. What is universal law is law, whether you understand it or not. So if you want to go your own way, do what you want. But know this: no matter what you do, no matter where you go, the truth is the truth and one day you will realize it.

And I thought, okay I will go and find my own truth. But what kind of truth is out there? It took me almost 5 years – during which I could not find any kind of love; it was like a wilderness. I was surviving from day to day. I had 3 part-time jobs. Nothing in life held any meaning. I was so lost, almost to the point that I did not want to live.

Then I found I had cancer. I had already recognized that the world had nothing for me. I came back to Father. Father said to me that during the time I was gone, every single night True Parents could not sleep as they were so worried about me. Father said to me, “We love you and we were worried about you; thank God you are home.” At that moment I realized that my Heavenly Parent and my parents unconditionally loved me. And parents will wait, thinking of their children, waiting for them to come home. I came to understand this universal truth, what true love means. I understood that this is God’s heart, the heart of a parent.

My husband, too, stood by me for 5 years and waited for me to come home. He never gave up on our Blessing. Can you imagine? I have to say thank you to True Parents, but also to my husband, for having to restore our relationship. He offered all the indemnity.

Now it is 22 years since the Blessing, and I know the truth. True Parents are our absolute true parents. Heavenly Parent is our absolute heavenly parent. And my Blessing is my true love, life and salvation. The Blessing is absolutely the most precious gift that we have! I wanted a strong man for my husband: this is a man who never gave up on me for 22 years! I love him. That’s the truth. [Applause]

Sun Jin Nim explained that when Mother first asked her to help her following True Father’s ascension, she felt so unworthy to accept Mother’s request. “It was the scariest possible mission.” At that time, she prayed very seriously, asking True Father to show her the way.

Very soon afterwards, she was given the chance to study yoga and meditation intensively for a short period. She felt this was True Father’s guidance to her, and so she invested herself totally in the course, finding the means to prepare her mind and heart to support True Mother. And, she testifies, yoga has become an anchor in her life, and a means to bring her mind, body and spirit into unity even in difficult times.

Sun Jin Nim then led the audience in a “Crown of Glory” meditation, which she prepared after reading True Father’s poem, Crown of Glory.

“It will strengthen your mind and heart to meet life’s challenges. It will fill you with peaceful, gentle kindness, and true love.”

The meditation guides the participants to open their hearts to reconcile with the people most difficult to love.

Sun Jin Nim gave brief, follow-up encouragement to all present:

“If challenged, rise to the occasion with true love. Don’t doubt. If you fail, get up and try, try again until you bring victory. Be humble, be kind, be compassionate and charitable. And love, love, and only love.”

Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim concluded the session by personally giving gifts to some lucky participants. After cheers of Eok-mansei, Sun Jin Nim and In Sup Nim departed the hall while receiving loud applause and cheers from all in attendance.

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