Sun Jin Nim at HyoJeong Family Festival in Osaka

Introduction to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

By Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

Namihaya Dome (Kadoma Sports Center), Japan

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Beloved leaders from throughout Japan, representing all sectors: government, religion, civil society, the media, academia, business, arts and culture. Brothers and sisters from the Family Federation, from all across the land. Ambassadors for Peace. Ladies and Gentlemen.

We gather today to stand together for peace! We stand together on common ground and a shared vision. We stand together, centered on universal values.

I am deeply honored to stand on this stage on this day, for such an important purpose.

We are all aware that we live at a very troubling time in history. Tensions are on the rise in many parts of the world, and nowhere more intensely than Northeast Asia. At the same time, our environment, our precious planet earth, is being threatened.  Moreover, while some live in excessive comfort and enjoy privileges, many, many other suffer from poverty, oppression and lack of opportunity.

We are gathered here today to renew our commitment to peace. That is, we are committing ourselves to building a world in which all people, and generations to come, will live in mutual respect, harmony, cooperation and mutual prosperity.  As my parents have said, we are here to build “one family under God” where people of all cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, religions and races live together, trust one another and love one another.

My parents dedicated their lives to this goal, with absolute commitment and determination. They worked ceaselessly to lead a great awakening and raise up a worldwide peace movement centered on God.

They have a particular love and respect for the people of Japan and recognize that Japan and the Japanese people have an historical, providential role to play at this time in history. My parents have always seen Japan as a mother nation to the world, a parent that lives for the sake of all of God’s children.

Day in and day out my parents strove to awaken not only the people of Korea and Japan, but the people every nation, so that they may come to understand their true purpose and destiny as God’s true children, calling each one to receive heaven’s Blessing, and to raise up loving families, creating a nation from where the light of God’s true love can spread all across the world, healing all suffering, removing all obstacles, resolving all conflict, and returning us all to God’s bosom as one united family.

Our keynote speak today is none other than Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, our beloved True Mother. Together with my late father, my mother has been an unwavering champion of peace. In my heart of hearts, I recognize her as the greatest role model of our time, a liberator of humanity and creation, and the embodiment of purity, goodness, and absolute true love.

For 52 years she stood side by side with my father, as a devoted, pure, loving wife, giving birth to 14 strong-willed and passionate children. Since the time of our True Father’s passing, she has led our worldwide movement forward with wisdom, grace, and clarity, surpassing all expectations. She has ignited the torch of hope and peace for all 7.5 billion people of the world to see.

She has always lived for a public purpose, working all across the globe, founding charities, schools, scholarship programs, and educational organizations that raise our youth to be peace-loving global citizens. From the time of her birth, she has been guided and protected by heaven.

When I asked my mother how and why, at her age, she continues to work so tirelessly for peace, she said that the ideals of true love and lasting peace are God’s and True Father’s eternal and unchanging hope.  For this reason, she pledged to offer every moment of her life to fulfill this goal.

My mother is my hero and I know my father is so proud of her.  He is absolutely by her side. They are eternally committed to working together to achieve God’s dream of peace.

As my mother delivers her message today, I sincerely hope you will give her your full and complete attention.  She is calling upon all of us to rise up as the champions of peace, to become manifestations of Heavenly Parent’s love and truth so that, together, we can usher in a new world order of lasting peace and prosperity for the whole human family and creation.

Please join me now in giving a warm and thunderous welcome to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, my beloved mother, and our beloved True Mother.

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  1. Behrooz Eslamihariri says:

    Thank you our dear International Leader of FFWPU and your dear assistant dear brother In Sup Nim For your All Time Full support for Our Dear True Parent’s.Thank you for your Perfect Speach supporting True Parent’s.Heavenly Parent protect you and your family and your country,the holy Homeland of Heavenly Parent.

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