Spain: A Visit for a New Beginning


By Maryvonne Jamois, FFWPU Spain

On November 17th, Giuseppe and Elisabetta Cali, Regional President for Southern Europe arrived in Madrid to visit our community.

On Saturday November 18th, around 30 members from our community celebrated True Children´s Day with them. After sharing breakfast altogether, we organized a meeting with the different leaders, FFWPU, UPF, WFWP, BFD, business leader, and youth represented by 2 Second generation. Giuseppe explained us about the expectations of True Mother through this new organization in Europe, and also that we are now in a different era in which we have to reach a higher level.

After this, each of the leaders shared about their activities and also challenges in their areas, so that Giuseppe could understand the situation of our nation.

We don´t have so often this kind of meeting with all the different departments represented but we realized that this kind of meeting is necessary from time to time, to work in unity and support each other’s activities.

After lunch we invited Giuseppe and Elisabetta to visit our Holy Ground in the biggest park in Madrid and have a walk in the center so that they could discover the culture of the city, small and bigger streets full of people at that time of the day, a beautiful autumn sunny day.

The sermon that Giuseppe gave us on Sunday helped us to deepen our understanding of the actual moment of the Providence, True Parents have now full authority because of Foundation Day, and the 3 years of devotion of our True Mother and this can move the Providence to a higher level.

How the grace ceremony we received last year was so important, and how we can liberate people through the blessing, we have to work together in unity to be able to give the blessing to the people, these are some important points he developed in his speech.

On the afternoon they took time to share with a group of 9 second generation about the situation of young people in our community and how they can develop their abilities to become the leaders of the future in every area, as True Mother wants to have a movement led by young people. “True Parents need your energy. If you serve the country, it´s a way for you to have a happy life”.

We are very grateful for Giuseppe and Elisabetta, their concern and dedication and we also thank True Mother for her unconditional love and absolute determination and we want to help Her to make Cheon Il Guk visible, Heaven on earth!

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