Solomon Islands: Inauguration of IAPP


Prepared by UPF Solomon Islands  

The IAPP inaugural ceremony here in Solomon Islands was a simple one. The whole program went smoothly until the end. The total of participants is 77. The sad thing during the conference was that there was no current member of parliament that attended the conference because of the clash of meetings. The parliament have their sitting during the same day, however, I believe that this this also because of our weakness in offering more prayer conditions to the Heavens.

There were 3 former members of parliament; Deputy Premier with his 5 Honorable ministers including the Minister of Education from Guadalcanal Province, Director of Planning and Land Use under the Ministry of Agriculture and Live Stock, 4 reps from the Civil Society Executive Board, 1 religious leader, women reps from the Ministry of Women and Youth and most of them were business people and intending candidate for upcoming election next year.

The highlights of the event are the Regional Director’s address and Rev: Gregory Stone’s lecture presentations on “character education” and “Family is the school of Love.” The Minister of Education from Guadualcanal Province also appreciates the character education.

There were three panelists and three of them address very critical issues in the Solomon Islands which relate to Religious cooperation and responsibility in the Society and nation; the issues of land use and main issue in the Islands.

All the participants really inspired with education part and inaugural part of the conference.

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