Peace Ambassadors in Senegal Honor Chairwoman of UPF Africa


Prepared by UPG Senegal

On November 18 November 2017, UPF Senegal organized a luncheon to honor and celebrate Mrs. Rigney, Chairwoman of UPF Africa, and special Emissary of True Parents to Africa, for her hard work to choose Senegal as the hosting country of the next African Summit for Peace. A moving video on the work of Mrs. Kathy throughout Africa for about 43 years was shown.

Peace Ambassadors stated through their national chairman that they are fully united with UPF international to hold the summit successful in January 18-19th, 2018 in Dakar

Mrs. Kathy explained her mission in Africa since 1975 till now as Peace Ambassador was really moved.

The Second Gen Sunhak Choir offered a very moving performance and Peace Ambassadors helped them with their danced!!!

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