Philippine: Second Generations Conducted Youth Camp Summit

By Yiesun Vergara, FFWPU Philippine

Philippines conducted a Youth Camp Summit (YCS) spearheaded by the National Blessed Children Committee (NBCC) in partnership with CARP-Philippines from October 28 – 30, 2017 in International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) Tanay, Rizal with 90 participants with a Marvel theme, “Superheroes in Progress: Releasing the Power Within Us”. The number of participants included 50 which were Blessed Children, while the other 40 were guests invited by the Blessed Children who were top students in their universities, youth leaders in different communities, and classmates.

It is a platform where blessed children can freely invite their friends and classmates to be educated about the Divine Principle as a foundation for them to be further educated to be regular members later on. YCS was inspired by Asia-Pacific Regional Group Chair, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, who urged that Blessed Children should not be still water who only educates themselves but they should be able to practice and testify about the Principle through witnessing.

YCS started with welcoming remarks by Mr. Victor Rabaño, President of NBCC, who gave inspiration and motivation to the participants for the 3-day workshop. It was then followed by ice breaker games facilitated by the powerful MC, Mr. Gem Custodio. The participants were then introduced to their team and respective team leaders. They were asked to name their teams and make an emblem that would represent them.

It included various lectures given by astounding lecturers. 5 principles of peace given by 2nd gen and lecturer of HJ CARP coaching center Mr. Jun Young Teves, pure love lecture given by Mr. Joven Gulayao a Hyojeong CARP center leader, principle of creation by IPLC instructor Mr. Earl Baranda, and the fall of man given by Mr. Ronnie Sodusta, Director for International Affairs in IPLC. Lastly, Ms. Melanie Juantala, a 2nd gen and Vice President of CARP Cavite, gave her testimony about establishing CARP in her school. For every session, participants had heartfelt team discussions and sharing about the lecture contents. They were also asked to give their written reflections every night. Participants laughed and cried during the lecture sessions. They were moved and inspired not only by the lectures but also by their team leaders, teammates and the staff.

The Youth Camp Summit also included various team buildings to encourage team work, as well as Hoon Dok Hae readings in the morning. They also learned the dance steps for the song, “Bounce” and danced every morning as their exercise after the Hoon Dok sessions. Participants were hyped and they were able to develop their bond through Marvelympics, a Marvel-themed amazing race which had 6 stations that challenged their cognition, speed, motor skills, and puzzle-solving abilities. On the second night, there was also a cultural presentation where each team showcased their experiences and realizations throughout the camp by combinations of skits, songs and dance presentations. One team composed a song about YCS and their gratitude to the staff and to everyone in the workshop.

The evenings were scheduled for team leaders meeting to evaluate the progress of the team as a whole and to guide team leaders on how to handle and internally educate each member of the team especially the invites. It would be then followed by a staff meeting to review and prepare for the next day’s activities.

During the graduation Rev. Julius Malicdem, CIG Special Envoy and President of FFWPU-Philippines, gave a very powerful message on how they, as superheroes-in-progress, have the power of choice to make a change in their communities and help others. He also emphasized that they should apply the things they have learned in YCS.

The guests were all inspired during the 3-day workshop that that they were willing to attend another 7-day workshop. Some already inquired on how to be a member and about the next activity of CARP. On the other hand, the Blessed Children are very determined to take care of their invites to eventually make them regular CARP members who can help change their communities.


Mariella Salaza, a first generation participant:  “All I can say is “wow.” I feel like if I didn’t attend this Youth Camp Summit, I would miss something very important in the world. W-CARP is so amazing! I am inspired to be a better version of myself. I am very grateful to God for being here. My home is not a very happy home. My mother and father fight, sometimes. Now that I’ve heard everything, even though I’m only a teen, I am ready to share everything I’ve learned in this 3-day camp. I am motivated to do kind things to others even small things. I am inspired that my dreams and goals aren’t impossible as long as I work hard and know the purpose of living for the sake of others. As lecturers lecture us, I often tear up, because everything just touched my heart. It starts with me, and I know I have the power. I’ll share it with my family, friends, classmates and my neighbors. I hope that they share this organization too. I hope people will attend. This is what the world is missing, these lectures. I am very happy. I gained not just wisdom but friends too. Thank you, God.”

Patrick John, a first generation participant:  “It was full of mind blowing lessons and spectacular activities. I learned fresh lessons like the purpose of my life and human fall. I learned that everyone must be fruitful; we must multiply and have dominion in order to fulfill the happiness of God. We must know our purpose here in the physical world before we determine our value. We are not born like animals that just live, rest and dies. We are humans who were created in the likeness of God. On the other hand, human fall, in my understanding is having illicit sexual relationship. I realized in this lesson that we must carefully think before making an action and be sure we’re aware that we are accountable for our decision. The quote, “Strive not to become a man of success rather to become a man of value” is my moral lesson for today. This leadership program made me improve my skills in different ways. It boosted my maturity and I also felt that my cognitive aspect grew at the same time. I also realized that great power comes with great responsibility. This workshop really made us happy because we established new circle of friends, we learned new lessons in order to become a successful and how to be a valuable man in our country.”

Maira Silong, a second generation team leader: “I’m really grateful to our elder BCs and the staffs who cooperated and sacrificed their time for us in order to make this workshop successful. In this workshop, I learned the importance of inviting my friends and classmates for they will learn at least a portion of truth which will make them realize how precious they are, their purity, their talents and their existence. While listening to the reflections of my members, I learned that most of the invited guests in my team felt relieved and thankful that they were able to listen to these lectures. Some were determined to bring their best friend so that they will also learn the value of purity. Some also felt thankful for they sensed the belongingness of being in a family. Some of the BCs say that BCs does not need to do witnessing, but I think we should or else we will not understand Heavenly Parent, True Parents and our parents’ heart fully if we, ourselves do not experience witnessing. Even in a merely simple way. When I became the leader for the team Heroines, I was a bit worried at first on how should I guide my members, what to do with Cultural Night, and how should I make the atmosphere happy. But thankfully, everyone was cooperative and taking initiative. There were times when one of my members was ashamed performing in front; the rest of my members supported her so we were able to perform our performance. I’m also amazed to all the team leaders for they really worked hard looking after their team members. It’s actually inspiring to be with them because they lifted up my spirit and gave me the energy to do my best. Thank you for everything!”

Seuk Joon Agustin, a second generation team leader: “Today is the last day of our YCS, a lot of things happened, it was really very fun. I am now very motivated to take care of the people especially to the participants. Being with them really inspired me to move forward. To be the leader of my members was really hard because my members have a lot of personality and different kinds of attitude. I am really inspired! I will focus on my invite after this workshop. I feel really guilty for I was not able to bring many invites. Next time, I am going to bring more new invites.”

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