Netherlands: World Peace Blessing


By Mihoko Koetsier and Hans Campman, FFWPU Netherlands

On the very day of the great “Global Rally” in Korea where True Mother gave her address to the Korean people and the world, FFWPU Netherlands held a World Peace Blessing in our own Glory House Hotel in the dunes on the North Sea beach. By holding this event we wanted to attend and support Our True Mother on this day of great providential importance.

In a joyous and warm atmosphere, 15 couples received the Blessing on November 11, 2017. Additionally, a handful of attendants, who came single but are married, received the blessing for themselves and their partner, who could not be present; the remaining people were singles. Altogether 102 people (58 guests & 44 members, incl. children) took part in this celebration.

This time we had formed an organizing team which held Skype meetings to put our heads together.

Sometimes there were different opinions, sometimes strong differences. Still, as all of us have the same wish to give God´s Love to the guests, we always came to agree to one “best able-to-do” solution.

Since there were more guests than members this time, each member was important and necessary. Everybody´s different talent and strength had to be put together to realize this event.

Our hotel, Glory House Hotel***, was a great venue to be. It is situated in nature, a resort near the North Sea which can be seen through the woods from the hotel window (a beautiful view!).

In the newly renovated conference room where True Parents have spoken, and many prayers have been offered, the atmosphere was clear and pure. We are glad that we have our own hotel.

The guests and members enjoyed the celebration lunch incl. vegetarian and halal in the restaurant of the hotel.

This time we offered a children’s program led by Kyung In, a 2nd gen sister, professional child advocate. Children watched a children’s movie which was recently filmed in Glory House by a commercial film production and after that, they made the tour of this large mansion, searching for the scene they had just watched on film. After the lunch, many of the families went to the beach to enjoy the afternoon.

Concerning the program itself, the ceremonies, including the Wedding vows, constituted the core part. There was a section of musical entertainment and there were two short talks. One of the speakers was our brother Sadikoen.

Sadikoen and Andrea Wirjoredjo, a Blessed couple from the town of Almere, near Amsterdam, had brought most of the attending couples and singles. Over the years they have developed a network of their relatives and neighbors, and also of people (refugees and staff) who are connected to the local Asylum Seeker Centre. The guests they brought were from these 3 categories. During the program, Sadikoen gave a short, lively talk in which he even addressed some of the people personally. For instance, he honored a number of participants for their long-standing faithful marriages. One elder lady, “aunty Carla” he highlighted as the “Champion”. She had been married for 46 years.

Several other brothers and sisters, Olga from Alkmaar, Carlos from Bergen aan Zee, and Eleanor from Haarlem, had brought their guests.

The entertainment section consisted of music and dance. Two sisters and one brother sang as soloists; our small but spirited CIG choir sang a “hymn for peace”, and a piano medley of wedding dances from 5 different cultures was performed. During the Arab dance one Syrian guest, a trained singer, recognized the melody. As he sang the wedding song, our Syrian guests joined in and danced along joyfully.


  • Aunt Jetty: “We liked it very much. So many happy people and of course we were happy too”
  • My mother: “It was really nice”.
  • A Syrian friend: “You renewed your vows and we renewed ours. It was cosy and lively yesterday. Thank for the invitation”.
  • Wolfgang our neighbor: “You are so great and sweet and a good friend really, we will be always for your family”.
  • Bianca our neighbor:“What a beautiful day, thank you for that”.
  • Fadi and Heba, Syrian friends: “we wish you a happy marriage and thank you for the wonderful day”.
  • Eema, an Iraqi friend: It was so nice, I am so happy to see you again”.
  • Mathab a Syrian friend: “Thank you very much, and I really appreciate that you invited me, that’s mean a lot for me. I wish for you and your family a long live full of happiness”.

For us, members, there was the inspiring circumstance that our regional director couple, Jean François & Hisako Moulinet, were amongst our attendants, as was the very founder & pioneer of our Dutch movement, Mr Teddy Verheyen. Their presence was an added blessing and encouragement for us.

It has been since many, many years that we as Dutch family experienced an event where more people came than registered and where we had to share the food. All members who prayed for, participated in and worked hard for the event in all kinds of ways felt great joy and pride. Surely a new time, a new fortune must be here.

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