India: Asia Leadership Training


By Leo Angelo Halog, ALT

From October 9 to November 5, 2017, 21 young people of Asia Leadership Training Team from 9 Nations, from Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia and Africa went to incredible nation of India to have a great experience of God’s heart and to support India providence.

ALT is a training program initiated by Asia Group Chairman, Dr. Chung Sik Yong. It is established purposely to raise up young people especially 2nd Generation to inherit Heavenly Parent and True Parents heart through overcoming difficulties and challenging one’s limitation and be able to develop a heart of filial piety towards heaven. Through this training, young people from different nations, culture and background come together and experience fundraising, witnessing, lecturing, service projects and other activities in different Asian nations.

ALT visited several schools in Delhi, in the state of Uttarakand, and in the state of Assam. FFWPU India with the help of Ambassadors for peace and MP’s organized 1-day peace leadership programs in several schools. ALT gave dance presentations and also we sang Hindi songs in all our programs, and in the end, we had our brotherhood and sisterhood ceremony where 1 ALT member will be paired to 3 students and start to develop relationship, to follow up further and witness to them and become church member in the future. This is our way to witness to young people.

Also ALT supported the “clean India Program” where we had our cleaning campaign in one village. ALT also participated in various activities such us TIMD tournament where ALT gave a special demonstration and UPF activity where ALT presented a very moving song number. through ALT’s performances, we could really have touched people’s hearts and could give inspirations to Indian people. And through our coming together from 9 nations, people could see a very clear message of peace, that despite our differences, we can live together in peace and in harmony.

Through this example, people believes that 1 day this divided world can truly become one. And finally, ALT could witness substantially to 1 Indian brother who was so inspired about our teaching, learning continuously and received True Parents. ALT went to India to really experience deeper Heavenly Parents and True Parents heart. And it is indeed the most unforgettable, and truly life changing experienced for all ALT members. India is really a nation of suffering. God and True Parents heart can be felt everywhere there.

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