Heavenly Tribal Messiah Study Tour in Thailand


by Gani Rroshi, FFWPU Albania

Heavenly Tribal Messiah Study Tour of 6 Albanian leaders to Thailand from November 9 to 14, 2017, was a great success. We went there to learn, study and inherit the foundation of successfully completing the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs. It was at the very beginning of October when True Mother herself gave direction that some Albanian FFWPU leaders should go to Thailand to study about HTM there and bring that experience back to Albania. At the beginning we were a little bit sceptical and hesitant, mostly because of the full agenda of activities we had already planned until the end of December 2017, but also we were wondering if this was the right time for us to focus on Heavenly Tribal Messiahship providence.

However, since it was True Mothers’ direction, we decided quickly that we should go as soon as possible, whenever it was ok for the Thai movement, since we had to prepare also visas. Thailand movement also was contacted by International HQ and informed of the direction True Mother gave and they did their best to convey & share everything to us. Finally, 6 leaders from Albania went to Thailand: Rev. Shin Giyoung – Special Envoy to Albania, Mr. Gani Rroshi – NL, Hon. Gaqo Apostoli – Chairman of UPF, Mrs. Manjola Vasmatics – vice NL and Community Leader in Tirana city, Mr. Lubin Argjir – Community Leader in Vlora city and Mr. Arjan Haziraj – Community Leader in Durres city.

We arrived in Bangkok on November 9th afternoon and were welcomed warmly by all Thai brothers  and sisters and key leaders, including Dr. Yong – Asia Regional Group Leader, Dr. Lek – Special Envoy to Thailand, Rev. Kamol – NL of Thailand, Dr. Kittel – President of YSP International.

The first meeting on November 9th started right away that afternoon with Dr. Lek who is the first Victor Heavenly Tribal Messiah on world level, recognized by True Parents in 2012. Dr. Lek and Dr. Yong had to depart to Korea the next day early morning, that’s why Dr. Lek wanted to share all his heart and experience before he left. Dr. Lek and his wife determined in 2012 to complete 430 couples before Foundation Day and offer it to True Parents. The way they did was truly moving.

Next day on November 10th, Rev. Kamol shared with us all the process they had to go through in order to reach at the level when blessed families, who are blessed through HTM activities, can now follow True Parents tradition and become regular members. He emphasised that Dr. Lek and his wife opened the way so that all blessed families could see it is possible and the era has changed. One  very important point Rev. Kamol emphasized continuously to us was that we have to change our concepts. Through Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence we should restore the nation and not think of our own movement. Also we have to cooperate with Government and should be market oriented; what people need and how we can help to solve problems they have. It was clear on this. Actually, Rev. Kamol & Dr. Lek’s wife accompanied us all the time and I cannot find words to express our gratitude for their care & willingness to offer us everything. They said “True Mother must have clear reason why she asked you to come to Thailand. Albania should do better than Thailand”.

On that day also we had the chance to listen from one sister who had already fulfilled the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiah and when you listen form the first time it is like a dream, but they did it. We had also a chance to listen from Prof. Gil from Sun Moon University, who shared the strategy of how to take care new blessed families through establishing Home Groups and HTM leaders in order to follow up. Later on, the afternoon we departed to Buriram city, about 6 hours from Bangkok.

On November 11th we had the great opportunity to attend the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival which took place in Hai Sok sub-district of Buriram province. The Blessing was held in the school of the area and around 300 people attended. The local government leaders of the district, sub-district and all villages supported the event and most of them were present. It was just beautiful to see people rejoicing and participating actively through the program. Everything in that city was supervised by one blessed family who already had completed 430 couples blessing and was helping others to complete theirs. She was an inspiration to all.

The November 12th agenda was most moving and eye opening for all of us. We visited 2 Home Group worship services held in two different areas. The first worship service took place in the house of the Deputy Director of the Hospital of that area. He received blessing in 2013 and now he and his wife were the leaders of that Home Group. Around 20 people who had received the blessing from that village came to his house. He had offered his home to organise anytime activities for new blessed couples of the area. It was just incredible to witness that. The meeting started with introduction and then full bow to True Parents, reciting the Family Pledge, prayer and HDH reading altogether. Then, some of them shared their experiences of how wonderful is to be a member of FFWPU and a blessed family following Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Some of them testified how their lives had changed after the blessing and healing and miracles had happened. We saw it, and on this era it is possible for people to go through all the steps of the blessing and complete 40 day separation and 3 day ceremony and actually many have spiritual experiences and dreams with True Parents. It was really amazing to see.

On the afternoon we attended another Home Group worship service which took place inside of a Buddhist Temple. Over 40 people came from that area and some of them were for the first time. However, the sister responsible for Buriram city, lead the service so naturally and beautifully and everybody followed joyfully.

On November 13th in the morning we spent time with Heavenly Tribal Messiah sister who is responsible for Buriram city and organizes the Home Groups and takes care of their leaders by educating, providing HDH materials and so on. When you listen to her you feel your faith in God and True Parents is not strong and deep enough. Such a passion and desire to share Heavenly Parents Blessing with all people! This is the kind of person True Parents are looking to have as their representatives in the nations and communities. Then we visited the Center in Buriram city before departing to Bangkok. We spent 3 days in the field seeing first-hand how they did organize the Blessing Ceremony and how they followed up through Home Group meetings and services.

On November 14th we had another meeting with another couple who fulfilled Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission. Their testimony really moved us. When True Father passed away in 2012, they determined to fulfil the responsibility of HTM to give blessing to 430 couples. The wife is the accountant of Thailand HQ and husband has the mission of General Affairs in the Thailand HQ. They had no money to start this mission, however, because they felt strongly we have to do it, then they just started. At the beginning this sister asked NL to give her in advance 6 month of her salary. They didn’t know what to do, how to start, but Heaven lead them all the way through, while they were offering strong jeong-seong. I was moved to tears. I felt they moved Heavens’ heart and they did it.

On the final day, on November 15th we met with the Director of Blessing Department in Thailand who also fulfilled the Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission. She also shared how she did it before Foundation Day 2013 just going in her hometown and working with her relatives and leaders in District and sub- district leaders. She shared how they could educate people and use government buildings to gather and educate them clearly on Blessing, 40 ay separation and at the end of 40 days gathered again to educate about 3 day ceremony, True Parents tradition and give them the holy items a blessed family should use, holy salt, holy candle, holy match and so on.

Finally, before departing we met again with Dr. Lek who just returned from Korea and he shared with us deeply about the internal aspect of all the success of Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence in Thailand, but not only. Since we are living in the Cheon Il Guk Era, the whole spirit world now is totally mobilized to come down and share the blessing of Heavenly Parent and True Parents to all humanity. The Era of Religion is over and now everything will be completed through blessing the families. However, in order for spirit world to work on earth they still need people who understand and become heavenly instruments and in that way spirit world will make miracles happens they are happening every day. We are doing what we couldn’t even imagine few years ago, that’s why just do.

Every evening we had reflection meeting centered on rev. Shin to discuss the ways how we can implement this strategy in Albania. After departing from Thailand, we decided few things we want to start with once we return to Albania:

  1. Select three area (village) where we can start HTM – Tirana, Durres, Vlora,
  2. Select AfP who can be John the Baptist figures which can open the way in those areas
  3. Make plan together with Hn. Apostoli for the whole year 2018
  4. Start visiting those areas & invite several couples for the December 17th Blessing ceremony in Tirana

Once again, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to True Mother for calling us and also Thai leaders and HTM victors for everything they did for us during this 7-day special Study Tour!

We are determined to bring Victory on the HTM Providence and WE WILL DO IT!

Reflections by Albanian leaders

Manjola Vasmatics (Vice NL and Tirana Community Leader): “Now that this HTM study tour finished, I can confidently say that Heavenly Parent prepared every detail of it. True Mother asked us to go in Thailand, and once more time I realized that she has an amazing wisdom and goal to realize Heavenly Parent’s plan and dream.

Immediately after we arrived in HQ in Bangkok, without losing any second we started quite long meetings. We started with practical explanations by Dr. Lek and his wife, Rev. Kamol and in the upcoming days we had the chance to listen testimonies by Mrs. Sangkom Netsopa and Mrs. Watcharin Kaewlamsak’s couple who fulfilled the HTM. Listening to them I strongly felt that first of all I should change my concepts and open my heart and mind, and I better work on it as soon as possible. But still I couldn’t grasp everything from the meetings. After two days we went on the field and attended a Blessing Ceremony. There I could see that they reached to the level that local administrative unit was happily mobilizing people to come and join the Blessing Ceremonies, since they saw so many benefits for the families in their communities when couples participate in Blessing Ceremony and received education from Family Federation. Thailand is facing problems in the family and with young people, as all the other nations around the world are. But many leaders in the different level of government and religions realized the positive changes and solutions that Family Federation brought to their communities, and wanted to cooperate with them, to make a bigger impact. I was surprised by the staff, how they were guiding couples to do all the ceremonies correctly in order that the couple could meet God.

But the real surprise was when we visited the home groups in Buriram, where the couples gathered together at the house of home group leader or a Buddhist temple and the city leader of Buriram Mrs. Arriya Retuya, after creating a joyful atmosphere was guiding the couples to offer full bows in front of True Parent’s picture, recite family pledge, read True Parent’s words, pray and give donations, teaching them the tradition of a Blessed Family. She was promoting the importance of being a Blessed Family and at the same time the responsibility that goes with it. People gave testimonies how Blessing helped their life and also personal dreams with True Parents.

Witnessing what was practically happening in the field, gave me a graspable reality of Cheon Il Guk age we are living in. I had to question myself on how much do I feel and believe in the age I am living in?! Also in Thailand they have similar challenges and difficulties that we face in Albania but few of the Blessed Families there, choose to go beyond the limitations and many solutions came from Heavenly Parent and spiritual support in the front line. I needed to go until Thailand to closely see that in the CIG era, Heavenly Parent and True Parents have prepared everything for us. Now I need to put it into practice to test this change of the ages but also, I am concerned how to make it graspable for the brothers and sisters in Albania. It was then, when I experienced the field that I understood the reason why Rev. Kamol couldn’t stop talking and explaining with all his heart and energy how God was working there, and mentioning that Albania can do much better.

I’m really touched by all the team who organized this program, they invested until the last moment, translating materials for us, answering any kind of questions, and kept giving and giving to us with a parental heart. I enjoyed the nice food, so many fruits I tasted for first time in my life, Thai massage and culture.

Thank you, Thailand! Heavenly Parent will love you even more for what you have done for us! You are so precious for Him and the world!

Lubin Argjir (Vlora Community Leader): “Immediately when I heard about the opportunity for few leaders traveling to Thailand about getting trained for Tribal messiah-ship I felt great desire to travel and see for myself what was happening over there. As soon we arrived in Thailand I realized that this nation was really great and that has wonderful people, very humble and heartistic and I kept strengthening this idea from the moment we were welcomed in the center, during every meeting and presentation or report we had, especially the activities in Buriram and Bangkok.

After the warm welcoming at the HQ in Bangkok right away we attend the meeting with Dr. Lek and heard an amazing presentation of the Thai movement and its history which at moments I was really touched since here in Albania we as movement where never persecuted and we never had such issues. Especially I was amazed when i heard about the way Dr. Lek had for a first time archived the tribal messiah-ship it was then that I really realized why I was In Thailand and what True Mother wanted for us to learn, at that moment I felt a really grateful and blessed, I knew that the rest of our training would be filled with such experiences.

The day when we arrived in Buriram and attended the blessing ceremony my expectations proved to be right, God has prepared everything for the substantial realization of the tribal Messiah-ship in Thailand. The day after the blessing ceremony in the morning we had an explanation about the home group church and the follow-up after the blessing.

We visited two home-group churches which both of them proved to be beyond my expectation and imagination. I witnessed something for which True Parents only have spoken about in the scriptures, and I had the chance to see it for myself in practice. I also saw that this could be achieved and realized by continues sacrifice and investment by Thai members. I could witness that beyond the lack of finances and limited numbers of core members they could make things happen, this another lesson for me which was deeply engrafted in my heart, things can be achieved when there is strong determination and faith because God will open the way.

During few meeting that we could have with Rev. Shin I could see that based on our sharing already all of us had a certain idea and vision of how to make Tribal Messiah-ship possible in Albania. Hope that as soon as possible we can gather all our ideas and match our experiences in Thailand and start our own preparation for realizing Gods will here in Albania.

I feel really grateful to True Parents and Heavenly Parent for enabling us to have such experience and giving us the opportunity of gaining vision for our own country to make it Cheon-Il-Guk. Also, I feel very grateful to Thai movement and Thai members for their warm welcoming and continues care and make this experience possible.

Gani Rroshi, President of FFWPU Albania: It was a big dilemma when I heard that True Mother’s staff had spoken with Rev. Shin that some of the Albanian community leaders, along with the national leader and Rev. Shin should go in Thailand to learn from the brothers and sisters there regarding to Heavenly Tribal Messiahship. Actually, I remember even now when Mr. Gani wrote it in our leaders group, and none of the leaders was commenting to go. I don’t know why all of us were doing the same thing; thinking and deciding what to do. I really felt the desire to go and I still don’t understand the reason why such a thing happened. Anyway, I feel very grateful to God and True Parents that gave me this opportunity to go to Thailand.

The trip to Thailand was quite long and to be honest, also a bit tiring, but I left behind all of it when we met brothers and sisters in the airport in Bangkok. It never happened to me to be welcomed in the airport by many people with a large banner, and our mission started there. Afterwards, we departed for the center but on the way, we stopped for lunch. It was really an amazing welcome which didn’t finished there, because in the center there were many other brothers and sisters that were waiting for us with applauses and flowers in their hands. I am not writing these details to extend my report, but because these are some moments that will be forever in my heart. I can say with outmost sincerity that it felt like True Mother herself was taking care of us through them and this feeling was enhanced even more when we were praying at the large hall. My feeling was that I just wanted to cry and cry because I felt very grateful and in the same time, very small in comparison with the heart that those brothers and sisters had.

Afterwards, we attended several presentations from different HTM Victors and it was like listening to photo- reports, but for us they were unbelievable. Anyway, everything is understood better by experience. On the next day, after the presentations before noon, we would depart to an area where blessed families were organizing a Blessing Ceremony. It was very nice to see in another nation how different people receive the Blessing like I did. It was very exciting. I was very happy that we could also contribute in the making of this activity. After the ceremony, we had the opportunity to meet also key people which had supported the organizing and the inviting the people for the Blessing Ceremony. There I understood that the Spirit World really is working a lot these times and that all we have to do, is call them to our support and at the same time, to do our responsibility. From my point of view, they were very simple people that even though they had a certain position, their hearts were big and loving.

The next day and further after the Blessing Ceremony, they had a continuous care from each person and I really was touched when I saw all those elderly people that had received the Blessing only days before, and offered full bows to True Parents. It was very emotional. That day was full of such emotions and full of hope, not only for Thailand, but for the whole world. It was a day of learning that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you cannot deny the truth that True Parents have brought. To become a Heavenly Tribal Messiah means to give hope to people and to keep them alive spiritually, to get them to know our common Parent.

Also, I was much moved and understood what it means to have the desire to work for Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Only if we have the desire, God can work with us, and I noticed this at a boy that was in the Blessing Ceremony the September of this year, and his determination was that the blessing he had received, couldn’t be only for himself, but he wanted to share it with others. He went home and had invited a whole bus with his relatives to a Blessing Ceremony. I think that this is the example of a Hyo Jeong son towards God and True Parents. I really hope that all of us may have such a heart.

It was strange to see a certain group of new blessed families to do HDH and full bow to True Parents in a Buddhist temple. There I understood what True Mother said: “If you are united with me, miracles can happen”. And actually, miracles were happening those days. It was very moving to listen to their testimonies of their faith in True Parents because of the experiences they had had. Also, my feeling was that the first thing we should do is unite completely with Rev. Shin and our national leader. They are the central figures through which Heavenly Parent is working to restore our nation.

I have learned a lot from the experiences of some of the blessed families that have fulfilled the mission of a Tribal Messiah. The way how they had started and their determination to offer everything, even life if necessary, made me reflect that if I want to walk this path, I have to do the same thing, not lie to myself by saying that I believe in the Messiah. I feel challenged but in the same time, I have faith that good things will happen. I am very grateful also for the meetings that we had with Rev. Shin after each day, where even though we were tired, he wanted to know our feelings. Often, I feel challenged from the foreign missionaries that love Albania more than me.

I want to close here this reflection with the determination to give everything to fulfill the mission of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah. I would like to thank once again al the brothers and sisters in Thailand for everything they did for us, and also the brothers and the sister of the Albanian group, with whom I was and that were a source of inspiration for me.

Thank you True Parents and I am grateful and in debt to you every day and more!”

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