Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing in Armenia


By Christoph and Martha Kral, FFWPU Poland

Martha and I visited Armenia from  November 15 to 21, 2017. I have been there the first missionary starting from 1992. Since that time, we are supporting the mission and National Leader, which is my spiritual son, regularly. Armenia became also part of our Tribal Messiah Mission.

This time it was our common goal to hold a Peace Blessing for at least 10 couples, at the end 16 couples received the Blessing. One of them decided right after attending a 2-day DP workshop to attend the Blessing too.

We were surprised by ourselves, that the couples who participated were so free and attentively. Our festival was under the motto: Family Blessing Festival – Love, Life, Lineage and began with a presentation of True Parents and their Holy Wedding in 1960 and afterwards with a lecture about the meaning of the Blessing and family values.

The Holy Wine Ceremony was attended very seriously by everyone and the following Blessing Vow was confirmed with a loud shout of “Yes”. This open and attentively participation of the guests was very inspiring and already during the evening we could experience resurrection among the newly blessed couples. It became really a festival of joy and blessing.

The following day we traveled to the countryside and had a two-day Principe seminar with 5 new guests. Afterwards we visited families who could not attend the Blessing Festival and gave the Blessing to 4 more couples in their homes.

The foundation of True Parents is alive. The era of Cheon Il Guk is completely open. We experienced that God wants to give the Blessing to every one of His children. Even they may not understand everything right now, it is a matter of ownership and with the Blessing God can guide His children and fruits will come even after many years.

As I understand, it is our role to create the environment and the events that this can happen. This age goes far beyond what we understood until now of “doing mission”. The Blessing given to many, many couples will lift up the atmosphere in a nation. We are grateful to everybody participating and organizing and looking forward to our next “Family Blessing Festival”.

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