France: Family Values in a Multicultural Society


Family Values in a Multicultural Society: How Religion shaped our European Culture

By Hanna Lotterie, FFWPU France

Our local outreach association, a subsidiary of Family Federation, called Familles et valeurs – Orsay-Les Ulis (FAVORLU), had the second discussion evening on “Family Values in a Multicultural Society” on November 10, 2017 in Orsay. The specific topic of tonight was “How religion formed our European culture”.

Mrs. Hanna Lotterie explained how the family as well as the vertical and horizontal relations in the family were structured and formed first within the Hellenic culture, then the Roman Culture, and later by Christianity and Islam.

She then demonstrated through quotes from the Koran and the Bible how these two religions viewed and taught the various relationships of parents and children, husband and wives and siblings.

Everybody could understand that the Holy Scriptures of all religions teach the same basic values.

The highlight of the evening and the discussion were two young French men, both converted to Islam, guided by spirit world to our meeting, a French man converted to Buddhism and a strict Roman Catholic. They almost all live within the same township but did not know each other before.

The atmosphere was fraternal and loving. Everybody had an open heart, wanting to learn more about the other’s faith and conviction. We convened that we would schedule a specific meeting for one of the Muslim guests to explain about Sufism and Family Values in Islam. The Buddhist person added a very interesting insight from Buddhism. In fact, he is working a project to create an international language.

We could also agree that all religions are called to evolve, and that true dialogue should be promoted. Moreover, that our society needs to address the spiritual and human needs of all to resolve our basic problems.

Many of the participants expressed that they really liked the evening and promised to meet again.   In conclusion I can only express my deep respect and love for our True Parents and the vision they shared with us.

The Holy Spirit was present. Thank you, Heavenly Parent.

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