Croatia: International Art Camp


By Ji-suk Baek Tomas, FFWPU Croatia

I am Ji Suk Baek Tomas, a blessed wife in Croatia. As an artist and educator of art, I initiated the project International Art Camp in Croatia(ACC).

We have so many talented second generation art student and future artist. I wanted to make a platform where we can connect with each other and learn, inspire each other.

Furthermore, I hoped to help our second generation to get some direction in their profession and find power and values in their art activities. Art is very powerful, it can influence young people and mislead the world so easily. Therefore, artists need to be educated and need to be principle minded. True Mother has been emphasized its importance through HJ culture over the last few years.

It’s time for our 2.gen future artists to take a role in changing art stream and create a Heavenly art culture. It was my personal project and dream which was not possible to realize without the great support and participation of my family and national leader couple, Jolana, and Goran Petrinic, who are also artists.

Because of financial reason, we couldn’t get a place on the island Raab (one of the most beautiful and famous touristic destination in Croatia) in the summer when students have vacation. We had to do it beginning of October. That was the reason, why the number of participants was small.

However, we took a risk and we took off with the project with 7 participants (one from New Zealand, two from Germany, one from England, one from Austria, one from Croatia and one from Luxembourg) and 5 ACC team members, we gathered like one big family. We had many art sessions, lectures like art of living (spirit and physical health), Inspiration of Art and series of lectures (life, the universe and everything by Mr. William Haines).

We had great place and weather for outdoor activities like swimming. The beach we went is called “Paradise beach”. It wasn’t easy to put all the activities within 7days. The week flew like a second. Some of activities we couldn’t do due to lacking time. Still we didn’t forget to help the local community. We had community service one morning. The local person who got helped by us was surprised by effectiveness and willingness of our team and had great impression about our second generation that they are different from all other who has been there. Each participant had different skills and talent, they could present their works. From that we could see more possibilities for next ACC to be better and richer with program. We were thrilled that we could find talented enthusiastic participants who could be part of ACC team on 2018.

Most precious thing was that we could get to know each other quite well and could share our life experiences. We all felt we are indeed one family.

We found many difficulties in life of second generation in this time but also beautiful mind and strength within each of them. So precious!

We as parents from Croatia who has relatively young second generation children learned a lot from being with these second generation who already put their foot into society. We once more realized it’s our duty and joy to support them and be with them.

We had a lot of dilemma to realize this project. I had two solo exhibitions in the same month when ACC was scheduled, budget problem and lack of personal… Also, national leader couple Petrinic had a lot of difficulties to make themselves available to ACC.

When I was struggling thinking that I need to cancel the project and do it next year, God cleared up all the issues one by one and I could not but think that good spirit is with this project. We could see later that this small number of participants were just right for this time.

I am great full that we all happily finished this project. Our ACC participants with ACC team members are in contact to create further activities and to prepare next year ACC. We will go for 2. ACC in 2018 and I believe that with all our experience we will make greater ACC in 2018.

“Become the light of the world through a filial heart for heaven”-HJ culture.

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