Europe: Cranes Club Health Conference 2017


By Catriona Valenta, Sonja Read and Viola Hara

Based Following the success of last year’s pioneer event in Seebenstein, the second Cranes Club Health Conference was held in Bad Camberg from 3-5 November 2017, under the motto ‘Health in Cheon Il Guk’

There was a healthy mixture of participants in terms of age, cultural background and variety of experience in different aspects of health care.

Over the course of the extended weekend, there were opportunities to hear talks, share expertise, network, discuss topics of common interest and to plan projects together. Talks were given about nutrition, Chinese medicine, mental health, and aspects of health care in Gaza and Moldova, and there were opportunities attend practical sessions about such broad ranging themes as physiotherapy for headaches, emotion freedom techniques and chewing for good health.

One of the main emphases this year was on mental health and how it affects the Unification community, and we heard a very professionally prepared presentation by a second generation Unificationist, who is planning a pilot project on this topic.

A panel discussion on moral and ethical issues in medicine and our stance as Unificationists provoked a fruitful and lively discussion on Sunday morning.

The conference ended with an open discussion/brainstorming session touching on multiple aspects of health in CIG- our vision and identity, and how we can advance health among our Unificationist community and beyond. Some ideas emerged for initiatives in the short and long term.

Taking into consideration feedback from last year, more time was given in this conference for networking and discussion, with ample time for exercise, recreation and culture; entertainment provided by powerful voice of Loreen Mobo accompanied by Songman at the piano was much appreciated and acclaimed by all.

The conference was competently and loving catered for by a Yehwa Wöllmer and her kitchen staff, who made great effort to provide healthy meals. The menus on Saturday stimulated special compliments for their tastiness and variety; it was disclosed at the end of the day that the food had been entirely vegan!

If you are a health care professional, or an interested lay-person, please do consider connecting with and supporting this venture. You can get involved & keep updated by joining a next conference, an initiative or our Facebook group “Cranes Club- Health Professional Network”.

You can also become a member of Cranes Club Europe. For more information, see here:

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