DR Congo: Christian Pastors Came together for the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship

Inauguration of the Congolese International Association of Christian Pastors


Prepared by UPF DR Congo

On the 7th day of October of the 10th year of Cheon Il Guk( November 24, 2017), to accomplish the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship, we hold the Inauguration of the Congolese International Association of Christian Pastors which was held in Kinshasa, the capital city of the DR Congo. The General Secretary of DR Congo UPF, Nguvulu Mukangu, The former president of Family Federation of the Equatorial Guinea, Mopete Nsimba, the AIPC founder, UPA cadet, JungHyun Park, and 25 Christian pastors attended the ceremony held on that day.

Nzola M. Sire-Albert (a unificationist) was the MC and Pastor Ciunza Clément offered the opening prayer filled with amazing grace.

The General Secretary of UPF DR Congo, Nguvulu Mukangu, expressed in his opening address that he wishes AIPC fulfills a messianic role in the family, tribe and society just as Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han taught.

In his keynote address, the UPA cadet JungHyun Park said that “if AIPC has the mission to unite the world under God then in order to fulfill that vision, first there should a movement of uniting the Christianity through the Divine Principle study, second, a movement for peace should be conducted centered on the life of faith and third, the Tribal Messiah Movement is needed for each one of us to turn into a small Messiah”.  His speech was concluded with everybody’s voices coming together in an energetic shout of “one world under God”.

“True Parents talked about one world, not one church, so it’s our duty to build that one world under God” said Pastor J. Claude Mikobi. Moreover Ciunza Clément declared that the pastors united holding the dream of bringing peace to DR Congo.

Afterwards, each church sang graceful songs celebrating this event. Expressing gratitude towards heaven, all participants sang together a congratulatory song.

The 25 pastors attending the event signed up and became members of the International Association of Christian Pastors thus marking the establishment of this organization.

Moreover, the national president of FFWPU, Kadima Mundadi, was invested as the first national president of AIPC.

Just as True Mother said that spring came to Africa, centered on the Christian Churches, beautiful flowers are blooming in the DR Congo.

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  1. I am so proud of our brothers and sisters in Africa. I don’t think it is easy to do the work they do. Some of these countries are so unstable politically. I am truly proud.

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