Cameroon: Korean Language Study Project


By George Ndode, FFWPU Camerron

Children are supposed to speak the language of their parents but due to the fall we speak different languages which make it difficult to understand each other thus it’s necessary for us to learn our True Parents language.

On September 23, 2017 the FFWPU Cameroon launched a two hours Korean Language study class at the FFWPU HQ in Cameroon to give our youths the chance to learn our True Parents language.

Two hours classes each Saturday have been going on since then with enthusiasm from participants and we are really delighted by the quick mastery of the Korean alphabet we have covered at this level which encourages us to move forward. Number of students each week ranges between 5 and 15 with an average of 8 regular students despite their busy school schedule, mostly are second generation from Secondary school to university.

In the near future we intend to extend the classes to other regions to give same opportunity to the youths in those regions to learn our True Parents language. We thank our National Leader Rev. Edwin Plekhanov, who gave us his blessings to begin these classes and the parents who are encouraging their kids to attend. Our desire is to see many of our young people able to express themselves, read and write Korean in the months ahead. Looking at their performances, potentials it’s very certain we will achieve our goals and maybe in the future they will have the opportunity to enter SMU to polish-up their Korean.

From February 2016 to February 2017, Ndode George, one of our members got the Wonmo Foundation Korean Language Scholarship Global Leaders Training Program and studied at the Korean language Institute of Sun Moon University Korea. It’s after his return in early September 2017 with encouragement of the National Leader Rev Edwin Plekhanov that classes were started. The foundation has been laid with the desire to see it expand with more students and teachers above all, our gratitude to our True Parents for their heart and love to us.

At this point many others are interested including parents.

The FFWPU Cameroon is intended to propose to some schools the program as our contribution of the Nation contribution.

Most of the students participating express their gratitude to True Parents for granting a scholarship to Rev George Ndode for one year, after what he came back to Cameroon and using it to help others.

They express their interest of going to Korea for one year also and learn Korean.

The project will be extended to others town where we have many of our members.

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