Cameroon: Interfaith Peace Blessing of Marriages Festival


Prepared by FFWPU Cameroon

A blessing ceremony took place On November 12, 2017 at the local church in Bafoussam of the FFWPU Cameroon. The event took place after following the Heavenly Tribal Messiah seminar which took place last week.

Rev. Clément KUE and his wife Mrs. Mythe LENGE NGOY, Pastor of a local church in Bafoussam officiated the blessing of marriage.

The program began with the welcoming remark, reading of the program for the blessing and a short explanation of the five stages of the blessing. After the explanation which was given by Rev. Clément KUE, they proceeded immediately to the holy wine ceremony.  He prayed and then offered the holy wine to the couples. This was accompanied by some holy songs in the background which reinforced the spiritual atmosphere fitting for the ceremony.

The blessed couple was guided to take photos and gave a profound impression of the blessing which they had just received. They received warm greetings and hugs of encouragement from every member that was present.

The ceremony was concluded with four enthusiastic cheers of Eok Mansei.

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