Cameroon: 40 Day Expedition of Youths

Prepared by FFWPU Cameroon

We offer glory to Heavenly parent and True parents for the abundant grace and love they have shown to us and continue to do. A 40 day expedition of youths between the ages 16 to 23 was organized by the FFWPU Cameroon from the 24th of July to the 6th of September 2017 in the town of Magba.  There were 26 youths from 5 regions, accompanied by the national pastor and vice national pastor making 28 people all together. This expedition was organized under the theme “I resemble True Parents,” for the purpose of training these youths to be more conscious of their identity as Unificationist and helping them to develop their abilities to face society with confidence and defend True parents’ ideology and values.  It needed to be done in a place far from their homes which is close to nature and the place most suiting for this experience was in the village of Magba.

Before their departure to Magba, they went through a 7-day workshop from the 16th to the 23rd of July 2017 to prepare them for the expedition. They were taught the essence of the Divine principle and Unification Thought by Rev. Asong Stephen, in a manner as to awaken them during the 7 days. They were made to wake up at 3:30 a.m. to recite the family pledge 40 times and after that they read the autobiography of True Father while in the evenings they do a daily reflection and self-evaluation and finally go to bed at 10:30 p.m. We departed for Magba on the 24th of July and arrived the same day. We were lodged at a hall offered by the chief of Magba.  In fact the arrangements for lodging were facilitated by the HTM team already in place at Magba who had met the chief of Magba and explained to him about the arrival of our team of youths.

The beginning was very difficult for them given the physical conditions of life in Magba. No portable water, no electricity, a single toilet among other things. So they had to walk for long distances to fetch drinking water; they had to wash clothes at the stream; the boys had to use latrines of neighbours and eat only twice daily. The food was mostly the same kind. As the days went by, most of them embraced the new reality and tried to keep up with village lifestyle and this helped them get closer and familiarize themselves with the villagers. They maintained the daily routine of waking-up and reading the autobiography of True Father and after that they did sports before going about the rest of the day’s activities.

The expedition came to a close on the 5th of September and it was a solemn moment when they departed from Magba haven made many new friends and given the village a new feeling for over a month. The chief couldn’t hold back his tears seeing them departing after changing the environment of his palace through human investment and healthy activities.


During their stay in Magba, they assisted the Heavenly Tribal Messiah team in witnessing to the families around Magba. This also helped them to develop their ability in witnessing and outreach using their various talents such as singing, dancing, football, to attract youths and present to them our program on absolute sexual purity. Their interaction with the villagers helped them to enrich their sense of compassion and gratitude for so many of them who lived in the city had been taking for granted the love and sacrifices of their parents and the privilege they have as 2nd generation children.

Many of them testified that the lifestyle adopted during the period of 40 days helped them to develop their heart and their sense of discipline with respect to food, money and sexual desires. Others testified that the daily routine taught them how to be more focused on achieving goal and learning waking up early was going to help them improve their lifestyles at home and be more performing in their studies.

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    Good job!!! Congratulations to all of you. You’re doing a great job.

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