Burkina Faso: Peace Road 2017

by Danwere Sou, UPF Burkina Faso

This was the third time that we hold the Peace Road event in Burkina Faso which took place in the eastern region of Fada Ngourma commune. This event sponsored by the Mayor of the Commune. Among other authorities present were the representative of the High Commissioner of the Province, the commanders of the Gendarmerie of the city, the National Police, the Municipal Police, the CRS, water and forests, VADS, etc. we had about 100 participants including young people, representatives of religious communities, and others.

This time our event was a peace walk around 400 m, followed by an aerobic session at the Place des Martyrs. The large population supported the runners with applause on their arrival.

Then the ceremony began with the welcoming message by Mr. Ouedraogo L.Ernest.

After that, Secretary General of UPF Burkina Faso, Mr. Danwere SOU gave an explanation about the history of the Peace Road events around the world. And he also invited the people of Fada, which is the largest region in the administrative division of Burkina Faso, to work for peace centered on family values. During the event we also gave the certificate of Ambassador of Peace to the Mayor.

Finally, the mayor himself spoke. He first thanked UPF for having chosen his commune for this third Peace Road event in Burkina Faso. Then he expressed his deep gratitude for the ambassador of peace certificate before inviting the people to join him in meeting the challenges of the new mission of ambassador of peace.

We give thanks to the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of the Heaven of the Earth and of humanity because it is they who have taken full control of the organization of this event.

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