Brazil: WFWP Afternoon Tea


By Maria Dolor Barbosa das Gracas, WFWP Brazil

On November 11, WFWP Brazil hosted an afternoon tea (as a follow-up activity of the 10th Festival of Nations) themed, Peace Begins Within Me and My Family, which greatly exceeded expectations. Many guests, including many VIPs, stayed for a long time even after the program was over. They enjoyed the delicious cakes, pies, tea, coffee and juice that we had prepared.

Indeed, it was one of the best afternoon tea events ever organized by WFWP.  The event started with an opening prayer by Eliane Alves (state secretary for Women of the Brazilian Socialist Party). She was the one responsible for bringing the Lady Mayor of Monteiro Lobato to the 10th Festival of Nations and the afternoon tea.

The atmosphere was light and pleasant with beautiful songs sung by Pedro and Mari (guest – a married couple), who were themselves very impressed by the event and grateful to be invited.  Gloria and Hanna (two church members) sang beautiful international songs.

Consul General of Malaysia, Mr. Edison Choong gave a productive and fruitful peace message. He was also deeply impressed and very grateful to be invited. He came along with his wife Emily and his daughter.

Lady Mayor of Monteiro Lobato, Mrs. Daniella de Cassia Santos Brito (who was accompanied by her husband) presented a Peace Message, in which she displayed her humility and determination to educate children, youth and elderly women, to empower and train them to be self-sufficient and skilled, as a way to lasting peace that starts in the family.

In her Peace Message, Priscilla Mirim, the President of the Women´s Party, emphasized the importance of caring for God’s Creation. She showed a vídeo to raise the audience’s awareness of the importance of taking care of animals.

Mrs. Cui Yulan, known by everybody as Onnan, President of WFWP Brazil, gave an honest testimony of how she overcame her anger and her conflict with her husband, thinking about the phrase, “Peace starts within me.” Her internal guidance was presented as an icebreaker which inspired much good-natured mirth.

Pastor Takashi Hosoya gave a short but very good lecture on the Divine Principle. He gave the audience the feeling of wanting to hear more.  This was really very good because the guests wanted to come back for another event like that afternoon tea.

To conclude the afternoon tea, a group of WFWP members performed a Latin dance.

There were around 60 guests including the VIPs and more than 50 members and staff, so a total of around 120 people came to the event.  Copies of True Father’s autobiography were on display and available for purchase during the event.

Two old ladies guests said, “We don’t want to have to wait until next year for another afternoon tea like this. We loved it so much that we want to participate again soon!”

The participants felt so free and at ease with each other that the event became like a family gathering. Several guest spontaneously got up and sang, including the Malaysian consul, who sang Amazing Grace.

We offer our deepest gratitude to God and True Parents for this great grace and blessing and to all the guests who participated and the staff who voluntarily helped and support the event.

To everyone, thank you so much and Aju!

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