Austria: Talk about Life after Death


By Katharina Bauer, FFWPU Austria

Shortly before November 1st which is a national Holiday in Austria, “All Saints Day”, I was invited to share my spiritual experiences connected to life after death.

I was invited by our sister Mirjami Ledermüller, who has been successfully operating a project in her village for 6 years by now: she was given the opportunity to use an empty house right next to the local church for holding courses and workshops for the local people. Together with her friend Gerlinde who became a Peace Ambassador she developed it into a meeting place which more and more people came to like and join her programs.

I could hold my lecture in that house. I explained about the spiritual world, the meaning of earthly life and the nature of God from the viewpoint of the Divine Principle. The brothers and sisters who attended the lecture also gave testimonies about their experiences. It was a natural sharing which inspired the guests to also talk about their encounters with the Spirit world in their lives. The atmosphere was so inspiring that some of the guests stayed until 11:00 in the night, enjoying the sharing with our Blessed couples.

The donations that were given by the participants was offered for this special house.

We also made plans for the near future: we will hold a workshop about non- violent communication as solution for conflicts, as well as other events: some will be organized by organizations, but we will participate.

This evening was such a nice and inspiring experience, I am proud of brothers and sisters investing years in reaching out to the people of their hometown, serving the community and showing openly who we are. Some of Mirjami’s friends already received the Blessing.

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