Austria: Korean Culture Evening


By Akio Friesacher, CARP Austria

On the evening of the 4th November 2017 CARP Austria organised an event to let people discover Korean culture. Our motivation was to offer an event which can embrace all kinds of people, make them feel loved and to stimulate them to practice a culture of heart. We chose the Korean culture to connect us and the guests to our spiritual roots, our True Parents. Altogether 32 people attended, from which 8 were guests.

The evening started with practicing Korean greetings, like “Annyonghaseo“ and “Kamsahamnida“ to learn to express our respect and appreciation for each other. Together with some physical exercise we learned how to count in Korean, which created a joyful atmosphere. Next, we could listen to a presentation about CARP and a short introduction of our founders, followed by a general presentation about Korea and its culture, including a video of the Little Angels. These presentations gave each participant a deeper understanding and information about our values and about the country.

Fortunately, a Korean mother and some CARP members dedicated their time and energy to cook traditional Korean dishes for us, which made us feel loved. We discovered that the secrect of health and a beautiful skin was kimchi, which made everyone curious to try this spicy dish. The dinner gave us the opportunity to make new friends, and share with each other.

The Korean alphabet was presented next and we had the possibility to write our name in “Hageul” with brushes on paper. For the last program point we played “Yute”, a traditional Korean game, where we could practice the unity in our teams by shouting in unison out loud. The winning teams as well as the losing teams, all received prices, so that everyone could leave with a happy heart. We hope that this event could convey heavenly parents love to everyone who attended and the CARP Team is looking forward to see you again.

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