Austria: How to Protect the Family and Life itself


By Alfred Waldmann, FFWPU Austria

Around 40 guests gathered in a seminar room of the Rokohof Hotel on this evening, to hear a presentation by Johannes Stampf from Vienna – which he especially prepared for that evening of October 25th, 2017.

That event was preceded by meetings with representatives of several religious groups to which we had built friendship recently, explored ways how to approach each other and how to work together. The evening presentation was a further step in that direction. Involved were members of the organization, Organic Generation of Christ – whose founder is Ivo Sasek from Switzerland – as well as representatives of the Catholic initiative, Youth for Life.

Alfred Waldmann, responsible for the FFWPU in the region of Kärnten, as well as Heinz und Barbara Kraschl, from the Sasek group, gave a warm welcome to all participants. Thereafter Johannes Stampf began his one-hour presentation.

He began with a wide-reaching perspective concerning human life and identity: “Are the human beings the product of arbitrary development, or are they created beings?” In that context he explained various contentions of gender research, and expounded on the present- day great confusion in human relationships.

Step-by-step he brought out his main theme, “humans beings are defined by their relationships and by love”, and highlighted various features that are important for a harmonious family – wrapping it up by proposing the intercultural blessing of the unification movement as an significant contribution to world peace.

A very intensive question and answer session followed, which reflected the interest of those gathered. After the main event ended, exchanges continued in small groups. Altogether a fascinating evening!

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