An Ancestor of Faith for a Nation

With other missionaries and members in Hong Kong (3rd from left)


Tomoyuki Shirao as a young missionary

By Tomoyuki Shirao

Tomoyuki Shirao was the original missionary to Vietnam when True Parents sent missionaries around the world in 1975, but he spent more time in Hong Kong and Singapore. This reflection appears to have been written in Singapore around 1980.



Her name is Lai Mun. If she had not joined, I would have felt that all my missionary activities of the last five years were in vain. Through Lai Mun I could experience the love of God and understand the depth of parental love for the first time.

She is the only person I could bring to our church in the last five years. I feel just like Abraham, who could not have a child until he was a hundred years old. At the age of one hundred he was finally given his son, Isaac, by God. I experienced his heart.

I did not look for many people in my mission country. Instead I concentrated on finding only one person who was the most faithful in the country. I wanted him to inherit all I had so that he could be the ancestor of the nation, then through him, hundreds and thousands of people, and eventually the entire nation, could join the church. Lai Mun is the ancestor of faith I finally found. I have seen that she loves God so much. She prays a great deal, constantly asking God what is His will. And she acts according to the answers she receives in prayer.

I myself did not give her lectures directly; instead the American missionary taught her. Meanwhile I made a condition and prayed at least forty minutes for her every day. I believe she was guided by that prayer and as Heaven accepted it, she could join the church. Once in a while I surprised Heavenly Father in my prayers; I often prayed, “Heavenly Father, please let me restore your daughter, Lai Mun. Please manifest your power and work now. If I cannot restore her, I will leave the church.” I believe that by such prayer she overcame the trials from Satan one by one, and was restored from Satan’s side to God’s side.

At that time even I myself could not understand why I came to have such strong desire to pray constantly. I felt that God was governing my entire heart. Also I felt that this was the heart of a parent caring for a child, and at the same time, it was the heart of Heavenly Father. I had nothing but her on my mind twenty-four hours a day. I felt that even my activities as a reporter for The Sekai Nippo, which I had previously worked on eagerly, were much less important compared with the salvation of this one person. Through Lai Mun I found something, which I can say is God’s love. And I realized even in the love of God, the love of parents toward children was absolute and unconditional.

God’s Day Celebration in Hong Kong in the early years

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