Albania: Workshop for WFWP Guests

“Principles of the Cultures of Peace” – Workshop for WFWP Guests


Prepared by WFWP Albania

We all like to sometimes get away from our normal life routine. Exactly for this reason, some WFWP guests occasionally expressed their interest in activities outside Tirana. To respond to this need, on October 21st and 22nd we organized a seminar for WFWP guests in Mullet training center. Despite modest accommodation that the training center offers, many guests enjoyed their stay in Mullet in the past, what gave us confidence to hold a workshop there.

The seminar had the title “Principles of the Cultures of Peace” and focused on studying the peace philosophy of the Founders of Women’s Federation. The sessions’ themes related to finding the inner peace through connection to God, importance of a family, spiritual dimension of life, and the reasons of human suffering. We also presented the idea of the family festival and marriage Blessing. The participants, around 30 in number excluding staff, came mainly from Tirana and Shkodra, with a few participants from Durres, Fier and Vlora. The program was moderated by Kasia Minollari and Dorina Prethi, who also gave first lecture. Other lectures were presented by Gani Rroshi, Drita and Suzana Rexhepi.

We were very lucky to have a beautiful, sunny and warm weather, what surely encouraged everybody to come. Most ladies arrived on Saturday around 11 a.m., and we soon started our first session. Quite surprisingly, the participants were all very attentive and nobody missed any lecture, even though the program was relatively tight as for a sunny weekend in the countryside. Besides lectures, there was enough time for sharing, enjoying outdoors, and an evening entertainment with dancing. In addition, on Sunday morning, Suzana Sulejmani taught us how to take care of our bodies through appropriate exercise.

A happy and joyful atmosphere made everyone forget age, and young and old joined to play volleyball on Saturday afternoon. Speaking of age, the eldest participant was 76 and the youngest 14, with three young ladies in their twenties. Besides differences of age, participants came also from various backgrounds, including both NGO leaders and activists, teachers, and other professionals, as well as traditional housewives. Some were completely new to our movement; some knew us from many years or were our FFWPU members’ mothers. We tried to facilitate everyone’s participation by organizing them in appropriate groups for discussion and sharing.

The group discussions were quite fruitful, and focused on practical questions, such as “How do you help yourself to find inner peace and harmony?”, “In what circumstances do you experience the presence of God?”, or “How do you manage conflicting situations in your family?”. One useful piece of advice that came out as a result of a group discussion was to limit TV, cell phone and internet use to keep an inner peace and strength. Technology, as some noticed, can easily burden our minds unnecessarily and we have to be wise in how we use it. Some discussed about experiencing God, and shared that they could actually experience Him/Her the deepest in the most difficult moments, as a result of desperate prayers.

The participants were very appreciative towards the content we shared, because as many said, they have not heard such an explanation of many issues before. They could also feel hope and a family atmosphere, what made everyone feel at home. This was due to a smooth cooperation between the staff members, and of course, delicious food prepared by chef Bllazhe Mazniku, who received a lot of compliments and praise.

We hope this successful workshop will help develop WFWP branches in cities around Albania, and stimulate the Ambassadors for Peace movement.

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